La Liga Champions 2010/2011: FC Barcelona Camp Nou Celebrations

BARCELONA, SPAIN - MAY 13: Eric Abidal of FC Barcelona is lifted by his team-mates during the celebrations for winning the Spanish Liga at the Camp Nou Stadium on May 13, 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

Like every other Culé who couldn’t be in town for the title celebrations, I was restricted to watch the live stream on FC Barcelona’s official homepage. Luckily one of our latest additions to the Blaugranes staff, Lorenzo, is a native of Barcelona. I must admit I dropped the ball on this one; I should’ve given him the account details to our official twitter profile. As far as I can tell, he did take a couple of nice pictures. Let’s just hope he doesn’t celebrate too much and gets in front of a keyboard fast.

Watching the celebrations made me…regret not paying enough attention in my Spanish class. What’s even more regrettable, my Spanish professor was a genuine Catalan. In my defense, it was a voluntary course I enrolled in because I was interested in...Let’s just say I was channeling my inner Peter Parker sans the superpowers.

But back to the matter at hand, the celebrations at the Camp Nou. I’ve made some observations along the way:



  •           Twitter is a quite interesting tool
  •           Gerard Pique didn’t drop the La Liga trophy since the cup is not yet in Barcelona
  •           Pep Guardiola may be a brilliant tactician but he has no rhythm whatsoever
  •           Eric Abidal received the biggest reception of the evening
  •           Some twitter users indicated that Bojan may have given his parting speech
  •           I can only imagine that Barcelona is in fiesta mode
  •           You need to read my Camp Nou review ;)

I assume that most of the FC Barcelona squad will celebrate the La Liga title accordingly (I didn’t imply anything, I just wrote accordingly). Luckily for the Barcelona party animals, the next fixture will be contested on Sunday, just enough time to regenerate the body.

For those who couldn’t watch the celebrations (I intentionally wrote couldn’t because every red & blue bleeding fan would watch it) here’s a short clip of the festivities.



Seriously Pep, this is not a good look. I take it that you had one drink too many otherwise I can’t let this slide, you really do make Kevin James’ character from Hitch appear like Usher.



But then again, if you lead FC Barcelona to a fourth Champions League trophy in the upcoming showpiece final against Manchester United, I could care less if you were to dance like Prince of Bel Air's Carlton Banks.



For now, let’s hope we have something to celebrate come May 29th

Oh yeah, where are my manners, I've almost forgot to give a special shout out to Jose "POR QUE" Mourinho.




Visca El Barça



Check out Lorenzo's coverage of the event here on Barca Blaugranes!


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