FC Barcelona: Transfer "News" and The CESC SAGA

LONDON ENGLAND - JANUARY 25: Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal in action during the Carling Cup Semi Final Second Leg match between Arsenal and Ipswich Town at Emirates Stadium on January 25 2011 in London England. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

I hate the transfer window. I just thought I’d throw that out there. Unfortunately there’s not much else going on and the media turns it into a huge deal. Everyone knows that 90% of the "news" out there is nonsense but we indulge in it anyway, some because they wish/hope for the fantasy transfers and others find some amusement in it. There are those who eat it up though, silly rabbits.

One thing that has ruined transfer windows for me is the amount of ‘news’ that is made up.  I understand that some people do write about football for a living and news during the interlulls is pretty shallow. I bet it is tempting to make things up, they still have to put food on the table I guess. But it doesn’t change the fact that the vast majority of transfer deals reported on will not actually happen. It's almost like there's a wheel of players clubs and big numbers that you can spin to come up with these stories.

The reason why transfer nonsense isn’t just a mild annoyance is the Cesc Saga. It’s caused a whole host of issues and bad feelings between two teams that prior to the saga had no bad blood. The media has to carry some of the blame here. The perpetuators of transfer nonsense have jumped on every statement and non-statement of Cesc and his Barca buddies to sensationalize this story and do more to exacerbate the unsettle-ization of Cesc Fabregas.

Last summer, Barcelona offered 30M for Cesc, an offer that was not deemed acceptable by Arsenal. Fair enough as far as I see it. He is the captain/best player anyway (also was under a new long-term contract) and Wenger can price his players however he feels.

This summer Arsenal announced a price for Cesc and stated that they would not take a player trade deal. Last week, though, it was reported that Barcelona was offering 25M plus Thiago for Cesc. It wasn’t true of course but that’s just one example of the ‘news’ that comes out surrounding the saga.

The ends don’t justify the means in this transfer. Paying 50M for a player who won’t be spending a lot of time on the pitch is not good business, yet he is one of the clubs primary targets for the summer. It has turned very political with Sandro Rosell trying to use the purchase of Fabregas as a ploy to get people to like him. I don’t know that it’s working. The majority of Cules I hear from are not looking forward to Rosell extending his time as president with or without Fabregas.

Pep Guardiola has his heart set on signing Cesc for Barcelona as well. It maybe that Pep has big plans in mind for the former La Masia kid, but at this point in time it’s difficult to see where Cesc could fit in as more than a bench player. That is not going to justify spending 50M on Cesc now.

The whole story is getting tiring. Barcelona don’t need him, yet the pursuit continues. Wenger does not want to sell Fabregas. Fabregas seems in no real hurry to leave Arsenal, as evidenced by him not trying to Mascherano force his way out.

There are new targets for Barcelona and there are players coming up that can fill whatever void, people feel needs to be filled by Fabregas. He will end up at Barcelona eventually, but the longer this media saga contunies the less happy fans will be about the reunion. A growing number of the Barcelona faithful are losing interest in getting Cesc back.

The story isn’t going to go away. It has snowballed out of control and the only way it is going to end is when Fabregas leaves Arsenal or if he clearly states his intentions (even so it’ll probably continue). Neither is likely to happen this summer.

Fabregas has in so many words said that he is willing to be patient and maybe that's what is needed. Just wait. Take him off of our list of primary targets and wait for an opportune time. There is no dire need and having him force his way out doesn't look good. 

Glad I got that out of the way and off my chest.

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