Barca Blaugranes: A Milli (read: 1.000.000…pageviews that is)

MONACO - AUGUST 26: David Villa of FC Barcelona holds the trophy aloft during the UEFA Super Cup match between FC Barcelona and FC Porto at Louis II Stadium on August 26, 2011 in Monaco, Monaco. (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)

Ladies, Gents…and extra-terrestrials (in case we’re not the only intelligent species in the universe….I don’t want to offend E.T. or worse, the Predators)

Barca Blaugranes reached yet another (mini)milestone; we have surpassed 1.000.000 pageviews (all-time). Once again, I want to take the opportunity to thank Nick Ewing for making me part of this project early on. Although he’s very much inactive at the moment, I expect him to resurface every now and then. However, as much as I enjoy reaching this landmark, it isn’t a reflection of our quality (or lack thereof) nor a reason to not aspire to reach even greater heights. We could, can and should do a lot better, which is also the reason why Barca Blaugranes isn’t publishing too many stories at the moment. Reading some of the stories on the SB Network makes me want step my (pen) game up. I’ve read some stupendous stuff on SBN and I feel privileged to be part of the Nation.

Nevertheless, I always aim to be no. 1, and while this is very much a hobby and passion of mine I do take it very seriously. Hence, some quality control is in order. If you do something, do it right or don’t do it at all. Sometimes this leads to some very heated exchanges as I can be very anal, penetrant and at times a flat-out tyrant. Therefore I’d like to say thank you and/or apologize to the Barca Blaugranes staff:

Bostjan Cernensek (kind of my voice of reason), Arron Duckling (most productive teenager I know), Jose A. (creeps the hell out of me because of his weird knack to just appear out of the blue), Paul Udani (first but hopefully not last writer we recruited from our community), Lorenzo Franceschi Bicchierai (who used to be our man in Barcelona…and bides his time as a student at the world famed Columbia Journalism School), Gabriel Roberts (resident multi-talent, writing, arts etc.), Shehryar Khan (who spends an awful lot of time going missing), Michael Doran (whose La Liga reports are insane!), Emile Avanessian (yet another Yankee amidst our ranks, whose football work rivals his impeccable basketball contributions) and new kid Inder Methil (our first writer from India).

Thank you also to the various guys I already unnerved on the SB Nation network and always lend a helping hand, League Editor & We ain’t got no history head honcho, Graham MacAree (who I hopefully didn’t appall by posting a certain Entourage clip), Gene Um from The Busby Babe (note to Gene – you can’t have Xavi!), Allan Dodson from Villarreal USA (on Monday we’re enemies for about 90 minutes plus injury time), Managing Madrid’s Gabe Lezra and Josh Zeitlin (arguably the only Madridista’s whose opinion I truly value), Kevin McCauley from Cartilage Free Captain (who seems to have an answer to every question I have) and the rest of SB Nation. We’ll work overtime and extra-hard to fit in with you guys.

Enjoy Lil Wayne’s A Milli – Personally, I think that’s one of the weirdest songs ever. 

Lil Wayne - A Milli (Official Music Video) 


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