Six reasons why Barca will retain the Champions League

People have doubts, some say it can be done and most say there is a curse. I think we have a better chance than all the contenders, think about it

1. The psychological game advantage… A team playing us has to worry about the fact that we are considered by many as the best team in the world, thats why they always question even their BEST WINNING tactics just to feel like their are covering all ground (lol, and its a huge ground). It's never good for players to feel like they are the underdogs. Optimistic players have a wining mentality and that's what we have. Ever wondered why coaches always tell players that "you can do it", "It's not Impossible", "It's 11 vs 11" and blah blah blah (Mou says he's very good at that, Motivation I mean), they want optimistic players, players who can believe enough in themselves just for  90 min (plus added time, lol). Think about a very good boxer against an opponent he doesn't believe he can lose to: If he is knocked to the floor, he'll always get back up because he believes he can continue the round and beat his opponent (why stand up in you know you are gonna get humiliated even more). Relate this with all the times we didn't get a favorable result in the first leg of the knockouts (Arsenal game for example), Our players have never thought they lost, they always believe they'll flip the score come the return leg. It's all because our players know before the coach can even start motivating and they are better. He knows even though he never admits it that he is the best in the world, they know that there are no midfield partnerships better that theirs, they know that their game-plan has been the one and only game-plan for a very long time, tried and tested with so many opponents, they know they are better, which is exactly why they are mentally superior than the opponent.

2. It’s close to impossible to kill our game when we are fit and ready… Think about it, who do you target THE MIDFIELD? THE ATTACKERS? or MESSI? (and i know i’m leaving out more). All those three win most of our games (e.g. attackers grabbed the supercopa 1st leg and the midfield won the 2nd leg among others). We Put Alves on Ronaldo to kill EE’s game, who do they mark? MESSI? I think he’s the least of their problems with the players we’ve got. Talk about dribblers in Iniesta, Thiago and Alexis, A General in Xavi, a dynamic False 10 in Fabrigas, talk about full backs, What about wingers? I would rather buy a Villa on his best day than a Ronaldo (the run, free kick, the no time-wasting step over, he’s got them all). When these players are fit, they pass the ball so fast you won't believe it. Wave after wave of barca-attacks the entire game. Defenders knock the ball out of the area and it goes back to barca, midfielders with their ambitious passes gives the ball back to barca. No Attacker can execute a well-timed counter attack after chasing the ball for the minutes we all know. The best i remember was a 32 pass before goal, who else does that?

3.It’s not enough for a team to be on our level… That’s exactly how i knew we were gonna win Ol’ Big Ears in may. I was not arguing with they guys saying that Man UTD was on our level. If we have the ball 67% (the 3 yrs average) of the time, i don’t really care how good you are, we'll have more chances and we’ll beat you.

4. Teams have to beat us over two legs… Seriously, what are your chances of doing that, BEAT our team over TWO games? I do believe in luck but not when it only has a 3% happening chance.

5. Our biggest strength against a team trying to contain us… We play against People, not machines. Their coach gives them a game plan (or Tactics, whatever) going into the game. This is the part where an observer feels like a game is easy. You always feel like you would have closed them down or even outscore them when you are not in the pitch. If a game plan doesn’t work for about 20 min, smart managers send in a different one and players rearrange to adjust to it. The more you change and it doesn’t work, the more the Frustration builds up. We kill the game and the other Observing teams feel they could have won (eg. Man UTD and EE as observers).

6. We have the secret weapon in Josep/Pep… Any Cule knows this one, Pep is the man. So barca has both the Player-Player chemistry and the Manager-player chemistry. He has sold players with an ego before who were becoming problems in the dressing room and didn't care how good they were. We all knw that the man has special abilities. Some talk about him leaving after the season, I don't really care because he is here now. Who's a psychic among us, who knows exactly what's gonna happen tomorrow? So let's let speculators speculate and be gratefull for what we have on the table right now. The best coach in pep (even though he never admits it).

So yeah, i am over 95% sure that Ol’ Big Ears is ours. What i don’t like (even a little bit) is the fact that next year around this time, after we will have retained our title, there would be Cules (Die hard Cules) thinking we won’t do it for the 3rd time in a row. Visca el Barca



(Thanks to Arron Duckling and Inder Methil for inspiring my first post)

<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>

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