Lionel Messi: the Importance of his Freekicks and performances with Argentina.

Continoulsy Lionel Messi is at the centre of attention of everyones talk in football and by fans on Barca Blaugranes, and all I can say is well I don't blame them.
Why not talk about someone with so much magnificent talent and great attitude towards the sport on and off the field.

As a huge Messi fan and constantly watching Leo he still never fails to make me smile when watching him, which I feel is missed sometimes in football, obviously because of how much teams just focus on winning which obviously is the main aim (and rightly so), however at the end of the day football is a sport to entertain and everyone wants to be entertained, and Messi is one of them players that certainly does that. With his mesmerising ball skills, finishing and dribbling he is definitely my favourite player of all time (and the best) along side Jimmy "Jinky" Johnstone of Celtic whom and also was an amazing dribbler, who Messi actually reminds me of often with his little cheeky nut-megs and jinks which is great to see IMO.

However to the point.

Lionel Messi simply just keeps improving as a player and specific things stand out in areas he has improved on of late, one being his ability from the dead ball situation. This season Messi and Barcelona haven't actually had many penalties (surely where due one soon) however the area Messi has excelled in, is his freekicks from various positions around the pitch and the different techniques he uses to beat the goalkeeper.

Often people will bring to attention the one thing C. Ronaldo may possess better than L. Messi, however I believe that arguement has been squished completely with the evidence of Messi's recent performances from the dead ball of late (and in his career people seem to miss all the freekicks Messi has actually scored), He has shown he can deliver on the big occasion from Freekicks, scoring against Real Madrid on two occassions and for Argentina in there journey to qualifier top of there World Cup Qualifying Group. People miss the fact he's still learning/ improving believe it or not as he is still only 25 years of age. Yes I shake my head too at just how good this wee lad really is.

What I also feel has been impressive is the way Messi takes his freekicks, he has the ability to use different techniques and skills and score from all around the pitch now (20-25 yards).
Firstly he can use power, spin/curl with his freekicks, he seen to chip/dink the ball over the wall and goalkeeper from freekicks and also with his latest freekick going under the wall vs Uruaguay for Argentina.
This also shows the intelligence and vision Messi posseses from the deadball situation, something I think he has over Ronaldo.
Infact the conversion rate of Ronaldos freekick must be a lot lower than Messi's. Ronaldo's freekicks are always the same in terms of technique although unusual (knuckleball technique) it is always the same although when he does connect and score they are brilliant , however he never tries a bit of finesse or cutest to out wit the goalkeeper like Messi.

So from Messi's improvements from free-kicks which I really believe Messi has been practicing them over the last 2 years, since I remember a freekick he scored where he put a magnificent amount of spin on the ball, he POINTED over to PEP like a little boy saying " did you see that boss, I did what we have been practicing in training", and it was great to see Pep smile back. Evidently showing how he has been working on this.

Because of this improvement I feel this could help Barcelona and particularly Messi's alround play.
Often Messi and other members of the team when making a fantastic dribble, piece of skill, pass and have a chance of scoring a wonder goal (often Messi) the opposittion will just take a swipe and be happy to concede a freekick from anywhere around the pitch, seeing this as a much less of a danger.
However from the evidence of Messi showing now how he can score from freekicks more consistently they might think twice before bringing the Barcelona players down as easily. which could see more goals from open play and more space For the likes of Messi, Iniesta and Pedro etc to work their magic.

The defenders choice:

1) Try not to foul him and stop him legally, and he'll run throught the defence and score.

2) Foul him to stop him and he'll score a freekick.

hahaha, obviously this will not happen above all the time but I do feel this will help Barcelona and Messi a lot to score even more goald and have more space to create. lets hope this continues from the magician himself.

Ok Moving on to Messi's recent performances for his country Argentina.

We all know about how much Messi wants to win something with Argentina (therefore I will not go in to all of this)

I watched the recent games of Messi against Brazil scoring 3 goals and playing brilliantly, against Paraguay again playing well and scoring a Freekick.
And the most recent game against Uruguay, Argentina winning 3-0. Again Messi scoring 2 goals, one been a Freekick once more and having a big part of the Aquero goal too, whom Messi really does seem to work well with , infact Di maria and Higuain too.

Also what I saw in the game vs Uruguay I'd say was one of Messi's allround best performance of the season so far he was so sharp, his touch passing and everything was so good, infact he has been playing very well for Argentina, he is seeing infact a little more joy in overall play than that at Barcelona because of the way the opposition give him much more room when playing for Argentina, this is simply because the defenders aren't used to playing week in week out with each other. However I really do feel Messi obviously is trying so hard to make sure that he sees Argentina through the Group as top to give himself and his country a great chance of Winning the WORLD CUP of 2012 in Brazil. Therefore I think Messi once Argentina are safely through Barcelona will see an even better Lionel Messi as his full focus will be back on Barcelona. I'm not saying he wasnt however I do feel Messi will have obviously been making sure Argentina keep winning.

After reading the piece posted on here by Brodie Bomber written by WRIGHT THOMPSON from ESPN's outside the lines, which is a must read On Messi. link here -
Its clear to see how Messi really wants to do so well for the Country he loves so much, and lets say find the thing he is missing.
Lets hope well I hope anyway it is written in the stars for Leoto win the World Cup in Brazil the home of a certain legend of the game himself PELE: whom continoulsy states how unless Messi wins a World Cup he isn't as good as him.

VAMOS MESSI is what I say!!!!!

here is a video of some of Messi's performance against Uruguay.

<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>

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