FC Barcelona: Can Drogba be the man to regain the title?

May 19, 2012; Munich, GERMANY; Chelsea forward Didier Drogba (11) scores the winning penalty kick during the UEFA Champions League final against Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mitchell Gunn-US PRESSWIRE

When you say Chelsea, for me it's Didier Drogba, not John Terry or Frank Lampard, who eptomises the Chelsea of the last few years. The Ivorian has been reliable year after year and has been a signal of security for Chelsea fans.

As managers come and go, Chelsea have retained a core group of players. Terry is often picked as the leader of the group but in my opinion that role belongs to Drogba. When times are tough (conceding in the 83rd minute of the Champions League final) Drogba steps up and takes charge.

So can he take that brutal winning mentality and make the transition from the capital of England to the capital of Catalonia? In my opinion, yes he can. It's well publicised that Barça lack a Plan B and I believe Drogba holds the answer.

The 34 year old is still a monster to play against. Tough, pacey and with a shot like an oncoming train, to consider him as "too old" would be the biggest of shots in Barcelona's foot.

While I believe Drogba would fit well, many have their doubts. A big, powerful striker has already experienced life at Barça and history tells that it was not a match made in heaven. Zlatan Ibrahimović arrived at Barcelona in a big money move that saw Samuel Eto'o sent the other way.

The Swede soon realised this wasn't for him. Describing Messi, Xavi and Iniesta as "school children" Ibra left for Milan within a year. Proving that big fishes don't suit Barça's pond.

But I think Drogba will be different. He is very much a team player. He gives his all for his team and that has been the key factor to Chelsea's recent success. Therefore I think he will lose the ego if it meant playing in one of the best teams this sport has seen.

Now it is impossible to second-guess how a new coach will react. Which is why it's hard to completely believe that Barça will stay the same. Described as Guardiola's twin, Villanova is a strong believer of the "Barça way", but he may have an ace up his sleeve.

One bad point for Drogba has been his displays against Barça. The memory of his "it's a joke" rampage spring to mind but more embarrassingly was his performance in the Champions League semi-finals this year. Drogba threw himself to the floor as if he had just experienced gravity for the first time. A trait that is quickly drummed out in the Barça camp.

Another potential hurdle is the money being offered from the likes of China or Qatar. Drogba could be tempted at one last big pay out before the end of his career. An option his ex-team mate Nicolas Anelka chose.

For me, Barça need a tall centre forward to act as a Plan B. Drogba is likely to produce one, or maybe two good years of football, meaning Tito may be more tempted to go for the younger option of Fernando Llorente. The 27 year old has been in sparkling form for Athletic Bilbao this season and would seem more of a long term option. Making him very appealing to the future thinking Barça coaches.

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