Dear Messi......

BARCELONA SPAIN - JANUARY 13: Lionel Messi attends a press conference during the launch of the new adiZero footwear range from adidas on January 13 2011 in Barcelona Spain. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images for adidas)

Dear Messi,

First of all many many happy returns of the day. You turn 25 today and have achieved so much so far that if I, or any other individual, could have even 1 / 10th of it I would be more than happy. I am writing this knowing for a fact that you in person will never be able to read this but I'm still keeping my hopes up. I want to let you know that the reason I am a not only a Barcelona fan but also follow football to such an extent is you. FIFA 2007, that’s where it all started.

I didn’t know much and a friend of mine told me that if I wanted fast players I should choose Barcelona (to be honest I didn’t know many teams other than Manchester United and Real Madrid). The only thing which I loved that there was a guy called Messi on the right wing who used to run so fast that if I could beat the last defender no one could stop him. Due to not that great graphics I thought that this Messi guy is an old player. Two years later the Arsenal - Barcelona Champions league match was coming on TV and for some reason I supported Barcelona. I was not aware of the Barca of 6 cups nor did I know the extraordinary work that Pep Guardiola did. All I wanted was Barcelona to win. I was even sad when we lost to Inter and I didn’t even know Mourinhio then. I read about you and then came to know about your growth hormone problem. Somehow I tend to relate with people with some physical injuries (I myself have a slip disc problem). It was always good to see your videos battling defenders and hitters, and every time you were getting back up and instead of taking out your anger on them you did it on the ball, getting charged with every hit you took. This is what I want to be and hope in future maybe someday can be like you (not a footballer of course).

Today is a different story. I support Football Club Barcelona as a team, not only because of one player and I am very proud of being a Cule. I am very proud to support a team that believes in morals and education first; then everything else. I am sad that I could not witness the Barca of 6 cups but I am also glad that I could be a part of the Pep era for 2 seasons and will continue following Barcelona for life.

I want to thank you for being an inspiration to me. Every single day when I get up, I have new hope that I will be able to have a normal back again. Even you had to take injections for 3 years to get back to a normal growth and that’s why today you are at Barcelona. You have played a huge part in making me to believe that everything happens for a reason.

The first article I wrote and my first video I made was about you and I would like to paste the link here below hoping that you read this. Once again thank you Messi. And when I say this it’s not only me but the whole world that joins me in it. We love you Messi and wish you all the best in the future.


Article Link :

Leo.wmv (via d3vrath10)

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