David villa and His Future and the new role!!

With some great wins in recent weeks and the team playing some fine football scoring goals and playing with great sharpness and style, keeping a good lead in La liga and in to the quarter finals of the UCL after the brilliant comeback vs Ac Milan it's great to see us back on track again.

In recent weeks the main change I have seen is the way we have been utilising David Villa , a player who as we all know has the talent but hasn't always found it the way he would like at Barcelona.

And with the talk of the January transfer window on whether villa would leave or not was right in the attention of most people, and thankfully he didn't however the talk was then that he will Definitely leave in the summer.

However has the recent form of Villa of late changed this, I believe so. With some recent fine performances scoring goals and assisting and linking so well with Lionel Messi (His enemy haha, so people keep saying!) David villa surely. Must be the second choice up top with Lionel Messi of late. I think it's vital that we keep his confidence up by continually playing him.

I have watched recent game and what I have seen as I'm sure others have is a new role for Villa ... We invented to some extent a position called the False 9 occupied by no other than Lionel Messi which is still in force, however with losses to Ac Milan and the team from Mordor ( we know who) people were beginning to question our system and the way we utilise Messi for certain games, against buses we were struggling to get Messi space which was meaning Messi would drop deep leaving us with no focal point down the middle upfront. However of late I have noticed a difference, which possibly and I think so is something which has occurred and been identified by the Barcelona staff after our slump vs the quality teams, therefore in result the new aim to bring a new dimension to change this. Ok we generally didn't play well in the 1st leg vs Ac Milan, however the second leg was a whole lot different, we were playing the same Ac Milan side who surely were confident yet we were so much better, and Messi found a lot more space.

the new role I have seen is on behalf of Villa, I am calling this position get ready .... "THE DRIFTING 9"

i don't want to speak too early however I believe there is a new role for villa, and something he has played in lately , before in my opinion villa used to just stay out wide on the left and in result was a waste of his talent, because he doesn't have the skill-sets to keep running at defenders cutting in and crossing etc, however as we know and he knows that he ain't going to be able to play down the centre because this is Messi's position, however this role I have noticed is very good and hard to defend against and suits villa perfectly and Messi. I'm not saying this has to be used all the time, however against busses I believe this will be a thing we will try and hopefully will be a success.

So when Messi drops deep or into an inside right position villa tooks across on the shoulder of the opposition RB or in between the RB and CB meaning that they then have to worry amount villa, so all attention isn't on Messi enabling more space. His aim been to continuously make runs in behind dragging the defenders with him, which in result stretches the pitch and shakes up the back line because villa is coming of his shape. Furthermore this leaves more space for alba to exploit and basically we have a four upfront. However when Messi is down the centre then villa will go back to the left however as he does and always does for this time he is back in a position he has played for so long. I believe that for full games in this position villa is too far away from the goal, I don't think and definitely not now he's a player who is going to beat lots of players on the runs come inside and score, he is now a player who needs to be in and around the edge of the box and in it because his finishing and deft touches in these areas is now his strengths so the drifting 9 position enables him to do this. for his goals vs Ac Milan he scored actually from the left, which shows how he is drifting across the front line. This in result has benefitted Messi a lot and in my opinion Messi in the last few games also has been on fire again in his all round general game, he is now able to get closer around the box without been swarmed as the defenders are now concentrating on a inside running Villa seen in recent Goals.. Take Messi's assist for villa vs Rayo the other night.

so as I said I don't want to get ahead of myself and say this is going to always happen or work, however I believe Villa will suit this and will this impact whether he stays or not?? I believe so we seen how much that goal vs Ac Milan meant to him, like almost finally he had shown .... Hey villa is still here and is worthy of staying!

just something to think about !??!

The drifting 9 and the false 9 defences will run away at just the sound hahahah!

<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>

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