What to do about Ac Milan!

Barcelona seem to be in a little crisis for many reasons at the moment, so the last thing they would want to have to do is play Ac Milan in the UCL, not only that to prevail as we know they will have to overturn a 2-0 deficit! Or would it be?

In my opinion this is the perfect chance to turn this crisis around and show Europe we are still Boss.... It won't be easy .... But it ain't Impossible, and I believe if any team can do it it's Barcelona. However how should they do it is the question!

with what formation and with which players and tactics?

Barcelona's next game is at home to deportivo, and with the recent loss to Rm in laliga this also is an Important game so it's vitally we select the right team to win this game, but also to make sure we are very sharp and fresh to face Ac Milan.

for the deportivo game I think we should play something like this....


Montoya Bartra Piqué Adriano


Thiago Cesc

Alexis Messi Tello

And if we take a good lead sub out Messi and piqué!

Then after hopefully beating Deportivo un scathed we can IMO show what we are made of in our biggest game of the season and for along time!

we all know probably at this very minute Ac Milan are training again to park the bus and counter attack when possible

(there tactic will be simply if we get a chance we have to score it)

therefore our tactic should be simply how best to get through it .... Variation of the front line is key !

We saw just yesterday how Messi scored... And it was because he simply stretched the pitch an ran in behind (off the shoulder of the defender) something which of late Messi and as a team we just haven't been doing.

the movements been far too static and predictable of late, therefore I think a line up like this will help us both attacking wise and defensively


Alves Piqué Puyol Alba


Song Iniesta

Pedro. Messi. Villa / tello

I believe playing Song will give us another dimension... It's obvious we will have all the possession therefore (as we can't have Xavi through injury) I believe song can be very useful, defensively he will help to stop counter attacks, but he is also good in possession and can win aerial battles .... For corners although not our strong point , we would have puyol,piqué,Busi and Song with enough height to cause problems from set pieces too.. We need to test them in every way... Also I select villa in the starting eleven but if it gets to half time say 0-0 we should bring in tello early... His raw speed can only help us(maybe even if he started it would be good) we need to keep Messi higher up the field and if Cesc doesn't play he's more likely to do so...

vamos ! I believe do you ?

<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>

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