Has the first half of the season been completed ? Is The other half just beginning!

It's quite evident and without any crazy event happening Barcelona should lift the la Liga title quite soon, therefore I can't help but think task 1 is near to been completed and very well!

throughout this laliga campaign I have seen many people complain with the lack of rotation that has occurred in the squad, however I believe this has helped us to win this title quite early often games have come around and many clues have said "oh I hope Xavi,Iniesta,Busi even Messi is rested tonight" and the match comes and they all are playing ! And we win comfortably, however I have noticed in contrast Real Mordor this season has often rotated which Infact has had a negative effect on week in week out performance. This is why I believe that we have more injuries and bigger injuries than that of Madrid at the moment! I believe our main focus this season was laliga and rightly so, however I have the feelings mou men from Mordors main priority was the Uefa champions league even if they don't say so!

laliga was our main priority and if and looks like we will achieve it then we have been successful , but I also don't think we are in bad shape to go onto to perhaps task 2 the UCL!

This brings me to the point I know we are past the half way stage of the season however in terms of winning titles we are now on to the second part of our task IMO winning the UCL! with Messi set to play vs Bayern all going well and no more injuries we will still be able to put out a very strong team, this in my opinion now is 2 of the biggest semi final ties in recent memory , two giants in Barcelona and Bayern Munich , and the giants of RM vs a very good Dortmund side who hold lots of potential with reus,gotze,lewandowski, Hummels and gundogan (who I think was missed vs Malaga) who are Able to conjour up a storm at any point.

this UCL is now and all focus battle on winning , Barca and Bayern look set to be crowned champions of their country whilst Real Madrid and Dortmund believe they can win the UCL and almost saviour there season ! So it really is a big round of champions league football... And I believe we are in a better position than people think we are! We are playing a Bayern side that is yes very good, however wouldn't you rather play them in a 2 leg semi final than a final ? I would !

honestly I feel at the moment I would rather be in our position than madrids! They may have a fully fit squad but I believe they will face a Dortmund sign who have no fear, and will feel after beating RM earlier on the competition and were so close to been out of the competition will throw everything they have at RM as underdogs. although Real Madrid did beat us in the Copa del rey , IMO to determine whether this is a successful season or not this tie vs Dortmund is massive, which adds more pressure!

So do you agree at the moment I would prefer to be in Barca's position that Real Madrids !

And now I pm beginning to think we are rotating the squad now which is the right time as we are now onto our second goal the UCL ! Which is now a great time to give players rest before bayern Munich match , which we seen against Zaragoza, many key first team starters were rested!

for some reason many people believe that Barca and the way they are playing and there defence is, we will be beaten by Bayern , which yes may happen, however there isn't much talk about how our attack is very much as good as any! And perhaps peaking at the correct time, IMO we have Messi who is Messi always amazing, but I believe the likes of alexis,villa,tello and pedro are actually starting to get closer to real form now ! So surely this will help !

And what I actually like is I'd say ATM the favourites to meet in the final are probably bayern and Madrid ! Which makes us and Dortmund the slight underdogs, and IMO I will take been the underdogs for now ! Vamos ! Believe !

<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>

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