Why Barcelona Didn't buy a centre back !

Most fans were desperate to see a new centre back on his way to Barcelona last summer, however they had to deal with the fact no one was on that road.

instead Barcelona brought in Alex Song... however that's another story , we've had many debates on Alex Song as a player and there is mixed opinions still on the signing ( I believe he's good ) but as I said its another debate !

So why when most people could see a centre back ( a big name ) was needed to strengthen our defence Barcelona did not !

The answer ...... Carles Puyol !?!?!?

In my opinion and from people I have spoken too who closely follow every move which Barcelona makes believes the same too.

Barcelona is a club that in my opinion and in many others is different to most clubs in the way it treats its players.

Many big clubs don't look after players emotions and thoughts and only see them as being good if they are generally playing good. Barcelona isn't a club that continually goes out to buy the next best thing, the newest talent, the most inform this and that player in the world etc. ( leave that to Madrid, Man city, Chelsea and PSG etc ) who really spend big every season in hope glory comes too them, meanwhile they ship out as quickly as they got in their once so called " important players to the club " because they maybe had a slight off season.

It's clear that this season so the start of the campaign Piqué was going to be our main centre back alongside Puyol. Even if and recently people are taking a few digs at pique, he's certainly one of the Barcelona favourites, and one of the first on the team sheet! I don't blame piqué for recent events, because IMO to do well at cb you need a partnership which he has not had this year.

with the likes of Mascherano, Bartra, Adriano, Song, Busquets able to fill in at centre back... Did Barcelona see it as almost dis crediting Puyol for his service ( which are massive to the club ) ? If a big name centre back was bought!

Carles Puyol is as we all no a legend at the Camp Nou , someone who's stood up so many times and grabbed games by the Scruff of the kneck and lead his team to glory !

So I believe and Puyol said he was able to keep playing at a good level and continue to lead Barcelona, so who is anyone to argue against that ? , whether your a fan or Pep or Tito , if Puyol says that and believes and he did say this along these lines at the beginning of the season that he's ready to have another good successful season and feels good !

So lets say Barcelona last summer bough Thiago Silva for example , are you really going to bench Puyol if lets say was fully fit all this season ? And just replace him like that with Thiago silva ? After all he has done for Barcelona! Or bench piqué and get his back up, and then when Puyol goes, in need of a new one! and piqué did start brilliantly. Or are you generally going to buy silva and say you sit on the bench for this season! NO is the answer!

Ok you could say but that's naive, and Barcelona should have or thought about whether Puyol would get injured, but surely then Barcelona have the talent like Mascherano, Bartra, Adriano all able to easily fill and put in a good shift when needed in laliga etc. It would be very unfortunate and crazy to think Adriano, puyol, mascherano to all be injured at the same time wouldn't it at the beginning off the season ? But guess what as we all know it happened all three got injured at the same time during the season... And that is just very unlucky , like very unlucky .... Wait there VERY AND ANNOYINGLY UNLUCKY!

So after this seasons events and because of this and another year onto Puyol, he himself will probably say this summer that yes lets buy a world class centre back ! And I just think Barcelona might! If they want to rule Europe again!

And what Barcelona did in the summer ( and I believe the case above could be the reason ) was great and showed that it respects it's players so much , it produces it's talents from la Masia it helps them it brings out the best in them and believe in them before others! And that is special ...

People of late after recent events say this is the End of an Era ! I'm sorry but I cannot agree, we still have Messi , iniesta , Xavi the best three players to ever play together IMO , then Pique, pedro , Busquets, alves , alba as another set or brilliant player... With more talented youth starting to come through ... With thiago , tello , Deulofeu and Roberto...

and then with say a few players coming in looking like Neymar and hopefully the world class cb ( hummels, silva who knows? ) maybe it's the start of a new one remember this has been a hard season with Tito and Abidal fighting against illness, the player injuries , the players whom all becoming fathers for the first time ( this does have a massive effect surely, well maybe not on Messi but he's god haha) ! Lets say with all this happening I would be definetedly and call it a success to still have all these wonderful players, laliga (should be won ) Tito and Abidal back IMO that's a successful campaign, lets not forget its a hugely strong Real Madrid at the hands of the so called special one, then atletico Madrid at its best in years, yet we are lucking like running away with laliga!

I agree that the squad and tactics need tweaking in order to beat the big guns again, to regain el classico dominance to be kings of Europe again, but lets not be too greedy and appreciate this season, its far from a failure of a season!

surely Cules here don't think its the end of an era do they ?

people have different opinions on neymar who looks certain to be a Barcelona player sooner or later, but imo new faces, talent can refreshen the squad to go win again ! perhaps we got complacent in europe, teams worked us out, now lets evolve and tweak the tiki taka, not get rid of it, why should we, add to it, strengthen it! We will have a more experienced Tito next season, I think less pressure in terms of knowing we don't just have to go all out laliga ( which IMO we dd this season ) hence there was not much rotation, when many thought they should of been, because it was obvious the main target was bringing back La liga!

Oh and lets believe we can at least perform well vs Bayern and who knows what can happen, Lets give Abidal a chance in the second leg !

And I hope we will then have three world class cb next year!


<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>

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