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Who should Tito Vilanova buy

1. Ter Stegen

With Valdes leaving getting a GK will our priority. Ter Stegen is just 21 and he can last for 20 years at FCB we are hitting a jackpot here. Some say he is the next Oliver Khan. Expectations are high with this kid, and I am sure he can achieve the status he is projected to achieve. He is very good at his feet which is what Barcelona exactly wants a goalkeeper who is also a sweeper. What excites him most about him is that he plays for a team which does not have world class CBs so he is not as protected as other GKs Barca is aiming to get like De Gea or Courtois. Which is exactly the situation at Barcelona he wont be protected by CBs with Barcelona’s style of pressing high up the pitch. So he will be perfectly trained for the situation he is going to face.

2. Hummels

Barcelona seriously needs a CB and he is the best option they got out there, Thiago Silva,28 is a little too old as he will be only be able to play at top level for the next four years. But Hummels is just 24 and with a height of 1.92m he can solve the problem of Barcelona’s short squad. With Pique and Hummels in the backline we would not need to be worried everytime a cross comes into our penalty box as these two will most probably win those air duels. He is just too good tailor made CB that if we don’t get him I will be banging my head against the wall.

3. Neymar

There is no need for introduction for him. But I feel that he will suit well with Barcelona’s system. The reason Barca is too dependent on Messi is that the wingers Barca have are not able to score. The reason for this is that is that Alexis was never a scoring winger, he scored all those goals in Udinese while he was playing in Messi’s role, Pedro is playing too wide to score, Villa is not the old David Villa after that horrible injury. But Neymar is different, he is a winger who can score, as shown by his scoring record although playing as a left winger. So adding will lift the scoring burden off Messi a little. Though there are various other wingers who can score available in the market who have European experience, the money spent on buying neymar can be raised through various other avenues. So its like getting a world class player for free, who wouldn’t want that.

4. CavanI

What is frustrating about Barcelona is that it has been some time since we knew that if our oppositions park the bus we will struggle, and yet they are unwilling to get a tall and physical Forward. One of the reason cited for not doing so is that Messi is less effective if he is a winger as the tall forward needs to play in the center of the attack. But Cavani is different he can play as a left forward like the role played by David Villa in the AC Milan second leg match. So that both players can be effective at the same time. But Jordi Alba would need to play higher up the pitch to provide the width in attack.

5. Gundogan

Xavi is 33, his age is catching up on him, he is falling prey to too much injuries recently. Without him Barca lose their colours, Fabregas is not the Xavi type of player and Thiago is more of a Iniesta like player. At first Isco seemed to be the perfect replacement but after the Real Madrid – Doturmund match Gundogan is a perfect replacement for Xavi.

Who should Tito Vilanova sell

1. David Villa

He seems too under-appreciated at Barca and he is not receiving enough playing time to justify his quality and I think he should leave.

2. Alexis Sanchez

The amount of misses by him is way too high, and he does not deserve to start for Barcelona at all. There is no use saying that he does a lot of defensive work as his primary objective is to score when he is not scoring what is the use of him playing.

3. Fabregas

Barcelona is being too emotional, sometimes you need to be more objective. Selling Fabregas is a win-win situation for both parties as Fabregas will get more playing time. There is no use of dreaming that he will replace Xavi because he will not. He is a completely different type of player.

4. Victor Valdes

Just sell him we don’t need a player who doesn’t want to play for us

<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>

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