Catenaccio Tiki Taka !¡

So mates ...

I just came up with a formation which I used recently in FIFA.

Sorry! But I couldn't upload the pic here because it says only web images can be uploaded. Look for the image in comments section.

If you look closely, it resembles more of the catenaccio formation of the classic football. I just redeveloped it for suiting Barça's tiki taka style.

1) In this, major working is of the 2 CDM's which you see in front of the back 3. They have a major role to play in this formation as they can set the pace upfront or at back. When possession is favouring us the 2 CDM's can move up front so as to retain the ball more upfield. This provides composed attacking options and keeping possession too as total of 7 players are in front (with both defensive mid on halfline mark just to be cautious !¡). I feel it's a balanced formation because front part of it just like the false 9 system.

2)While on defensive note it's still quite firm as you have 5 men at the back, I prefer work rates of both CDM's in defense so as to nullify counter-attacks.

3)Setback-no full back....

This formation is totally concentrated in mid field and thus will limit the play of Alba and Alves to *defend* (as both of them just love to rush forward) pique/masch and puyol/busi/song can be the 2 CDM's ... tall and firm to retain balls and quick counters. I still think the full-backs issue is not much of a concern, as if Alba and Alves are allowed to move up and provide crosses, then the CDM's can take their places as CB while both midfielders can sit deep for a while.

4)I had mentioned catenaccio as this system contains Sweeper (bartra ;-) ) whose job would be to collect lose balls, provide hefty clearances and winning aerial duels from crosses. And I think Marc is best suited for this role because of his natural versatility, control, height and blocking skills.


The beauty of Barça is their tiki taka and possession and this formation provides those small triangles required. (A mixture of parking the bus and tiki taka XD as 5 defense + 2 MF(if required) are at the services of V.Valdes).


Some may say very very few crossing chances due to this, but then my question is :

Does Barça actually benefit from

The crosses ??? or

The short passes ???


Well I'm still an amateur at these stuffs so apologies if I wasted your precious time !



<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>

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