This is the sequel to my previous article, Part 1 [The New Manager]. As the title suggests, I will be focusing on discussing what players should come and go. While I do not think my transfer choices are the best possible ones, I did put some real thought into them. Given the current situation/needs of the club and the transfer market, I took into consideration all three aspects: quantity, quality, fit, and pricing [in Millions of Euros]. Without further ado, let's get to it


Valdes [ 0 Mill ]: It is done and dusted. We wished we could get back together. need to waste time here. It's been great...and both sides are moving on.

Pinto [ 0 Mill ]: Yes, we know that Messi and you are really really good buddies. But, there is also the fact that Messi wants to be in a team with players that are title-winning quality. You are the most expendable player on the team for reasons that I don't think I need to be expound upon. So,'s been great, BUT bye bye now.

Alves [20 Mill ]: This one hurts. It does... really. You are one of the best we ever had [ and that says a lot]. We've had some good times. We will forever remember them. But, right now...both sides need to think for what's ultimately best for one another. You have spent 6 years with us. You've won everything with us. So, for you to go seek something new might just be the best decision you can make right now for your coming-to-an-end-in-a-few-years career. For us, we think that the team needs some new blood to renew the hunger and motivation. Besides, your sale will bring in some money we can reinvest to get something different.

No hard feelings, it's been great.

Puyol [ 0 Mill ]: I think both sides are in accord that your best days are behind you and it's best that you hang your boots. That being said, we'd love to keep you around in a non-player position. You know we love you...and this is not the end of our story. It's just the end of a great chapter.

Mascherano [15 Mill]: This is not easy for us. But just like with Dani Alves...It is a hard decision we have to make for our needs going forward. You've been there for us when we were saved us when we needed saving. And for that we are very thankful. But, it is time that we face our demons head on without you. We need something different and permanent. We will always be grateful for the work you put in. I am sure anyone would be glad to have you. That's the truth.

No hard feelings, it's been great.

Song [20 Mill]: It was a mistake. Sorry but we just don't match. It is best that we both face the reality of things and go our separate ways. It will be greatly beneficial for both sides.

Alexis [35 Mill]: It is hard to explain. We like you but we also do not. You are inconsistent. Sometimes, you show glimpses of a very talented player [that goal against Madrid though...that was dirty man!]. Sometimes, you are disappointing. This season has been your best to date. However, it still is not up to the standards we expect from you.

Others [10 Mill] : Bojan, Afellay, Cuenca, Fontas, etc... Well, I don't think there si much to say here besides "It did not work out as planned". So we wish you the best...bye bye now

ON LOAN [10Mill]: Dos Santos, Sergi Roberto, Montoya, Tello, Rafinha, Deulofeu. Well, you need some playing time to prove yourselves. We really want you on the team, of course. But, this is FC-Barcelona... and I know you aware of that. You want to become club legends...Prove yourselves! And, the best way to that right now is to get some playing time with a different team. We'll be watching. Rafinha and Deulofeu, we are proud...keep up the good work. The rest [ Santos, Roberto, Montoya, Tello], you have potential [no doubt]. But, it is time to move to next level and really earn your spot in FC-Barcelona.

Total Money Made from Sales = 110 Millions .

I remember reading somewhere [ and I am sure it is a reliable source] that Bartomeu said the club couLd spend up to 120 Millions for new players.


Hypothetically, we have 120 + 110= +230 Millions for new recruits.


At the back...

Ter Stegen [-20 Mill; GK]: Young and talented, you are. We think you can become next Neuer, or even better. It may take some times... but we believe in you.

Pepe Reina [-10 Mill; GK]: We want you to be the experienced back-up to Ter Stegen. You can help him become better via mentorship and competition. Just like Pinto before you, you are guaranteed all the Copa games. Your presence is also positive for the dressing room given that you are familiar with the spanish players on the team, and you are also a joker/showman [like Pinto...]

Mats Hummels [-35 Mill; CB]: World class defender, young and talented. A starter for club and country. A lot of experience. You are one of the best in the business. You have the technical and tactical skills to be a starter in this club. Your physique is a big plus. Pique and You form a great duo.

David Luiz [ -35 Mill; RB, DM, CB]: We have a plan for you. You are talented, and relatively young. We think of you as a player with many trades [CB, DM, RB]. Our plan is to have you play as the Right Back [starter]. Why? Well, it is no secret that you are a good defender...but in all honesty, you are not a GREAT defender [not yet at least]. You are too rash, and tactically you are not very sound. In addition, you compulsively feel the need to get involved in attacking. We think that with your skills, and physicality, you would be a great right back in the mould of Sergio Ramos [back in the days] OR Ivanovic OR Abidal OR even Puyol. Your primary task would be to be a counter weight to Alba on the left. Hence, you would be to Alba what Abidal was to Alves. Your defensive skills will be of great use. But, you will also be useful to the attack. It is a win-win. Besides being the first Right Back, you can be very useful by being a plan B for the DM and CB positions ==> More opportunities to play.

Jan Vertonghen [-20 Mill; LB, CB]: We are bringing you in as an impact versatile substitute. You're skilled, tactically good, and quite physical. You will be [in a way] the direct replacement of Abidal. You are capable of making Alba sweat for the starting spot as a LB. For certain particular games, your physique and defensive skills will be preferred to Alba's attack-minded game. We will have you play in lieu of M. Hummels when needed.

In the middle...

Koke [-35 Mill; CM, DM, CAM, RM, LM]: it is hard not get excited about the prospect of you one day taking over the #6 shirt. You are young, talented, spanish, and versatile. You've proven that years from now, you can be the engine of the Spanish team. It would be crazy for us not to try to bring you to the club. Xavi is 34 yo; it's time for us to find a suitable replacement. You' are, as of now, the best suitable candidate. Xavi will be around for another year of two to get you ready for the role.

Welcome to the club!

Paul Pogba [-50 Mill; CM, DM]: You remind us of a really good player that we lost, Yaya Toure,... but you have the potential to be even better. What was Alex Ferguson thinking! Your physique [6'3'' and athletic], your youth[ 21!], your technical skills, your experience [ a lot already], your tactical awareness... Pairing you and S.Busquets as the base of the midfield triangle is simply dreamy. Together with S.Busquets, you will allow for more pressing and more recuperation in midfield ==> more control. With the already talented back four, we will be a wall to the opposite teams.

Welcome to the club!

In front...

Juan Cuadrado[-30 Mill; RW, RM, RWB, LW]: We bring you in to replace Alexis Sanchez...And, we truly hope you can do better. You, Pedro, and Neymar will be our three wingers and compete for two starting spots. You will start as a starting-XI player until you are no longer worthy of it. We are glad to have you and we hope you deliver as expected.

Mario Gomez [-25 Mill; ST]: Even with your recent injuries, you are one of the most EFFICIENT strikers around. We bring you in so that you can offer the manager different alternatives...a plan B,C,D, etc... You will be a substitute, but not a bench warmer. You will get playing time...after all, we only have 5 attacking players. In games where it is ideal to have Messi on the left or behind a main will be our main man. Messi plays a lot of games; however, he's not a machine. He will miss [injury, rest] some games. We are confident that you will be a great addition to this team.

In total we buy 9 new players that affect our transfer budget, +230 Mill, by -260 Mill . So we are left with a balance of -30 Mill. Now, remember that i mentioned we can expect to have the transfer ban in effect for the next two summers after this one. Since that is the case, we can allow ourselves to overspend this time since the transfer money for the next two summers will be buy new players. Hence, -30 Mill balance is not a disaster.

In Conclusion, the team:

First XI

[GK] Ter Stegen

[RB] Luiz; [RCB] Pique ; [LCB] Hummels ; [LB] Alba

[RDM] Busquets ; [LDM] Pogba

[CAM] Iniesta

[RW] Cuadrado; [CF] Messi; [LW] Neymar

Subs: Reina, Adriano, Bartra, Vertonghen, Koke, Xavi, Fabregas, Pedro, Mario Gomez.

And, that's that for Part 2. I hope you like it...

Do you agree with my choices of players to let go? How about the new players? Let us know in the comments.

<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>

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