A NEW ERA FOR FC BARCELONA, Part 1 [ The New Manager ]

These last few weeks have been a nightmare for all of us. This is especially true when we realize that our team is most likely [99.9%] going to end the season trophy-less while our arch rival can potentially do the magic double[League + UCL]. Yes, these are harsh times amigos. And, like many others have pointed out, I believe last Saturday's lost against Getafe stood as a testament to the end of an era.

But, THIS ..... IS .... BARCAAAAAAAA !!!!

We're and forever will be a club of excellence and success. So, we must ask ourselves : " Why do we fall ?"

... This season has been a reminder that we must seek to evolve and become better... WE HAVE A CHANCE TO BECOME GREATER! And we must take it. We must admit that we are no longer the team we want to be and make changes to be the best there is again.

My take on what ought to be done to put us in our rightful place as the best team in the world is solely based on sporting matters. I do not wish to discuss the status and changes to made to the Board.

I will be sharing my thoughts on the changes that are to be made in several parts. This particular article is Part 1 of the series. And, it focuses on the choice of a new manager.


There's already a popular list for the candidates. The suspects are Luis Enrique, Ernesto Valverde, De Boer, Laudrup, and Paco Jimenez. On this list, I personally like two candidates : Luis Enrique and Laudrup.

Enrique is someone who is familiar with the club, he has the right football philosophy, the players will probably like him, and he's got some experience [not brilliant, but not bad at all]. Laudrup is also a familiar face to the club, he has the right football philosophy, and he's relatively more experienced than Enrique.

If I had to choose between these two i would go with the latter. I think there is this unspoken belief that Enrique can be a Guardiola-sequel. In fact, in the race for the position, that is his secret weapon. I personally do not think he is as tactically sound as an FC-Barcelona manager should be. In addition, I consider Laudrup to be a better tactician.

Now, my personal top picks for the job would be Felipe Scolari and Rafael Benitez. I prefer these two guys because they are tactically very astute and adaptable. Both have a proven track record of winning big games and trophies.

Scolari can potentially earn his second world cup title this summer with a squad that is similar, in quality, to our own. Brazil is required to attack and play beautiful football. But Brazil is also required [ do what it takes...] to win. These two important points mirror the expectations for FC-Barcelona. Scolari is able to COACH & MANAGE a squad of world class talents; he's proven this fact ever since he got the Brazil job back. Before him, in recent times, Brazil had lost its edge [ like Barca right now ]. But since he's arrival, he's brought real credence to the idea that Brazil can win the WC this summer on home soil. And, let's face it...the pressure to do exactly just that is as big as it gets in the world of football. Hence, I think he can handle the pressure for results in Catalonia.

Rafael Benitez, for me, is a master tactician. Give him the right resources and he will deliver. He is able to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. He manages players very well and he's able to make the best out of average players. His stay in Liverpool is an example of this fact. As soon as he left, we realized how [relatively] "ordinary" Liverpool's squad had been. This season at Napoli, he's done a more than satisfactory job given the squad that he has. At Barcelona, he's tactical acumen will help make the team less predictable. Benitez is no stranger to European football. In fact, cup competitions [ especially the knockout rounds] are arguably he's speciality. Instead of Luis Enrique/Laudrup/Valverde, I rather have Benitez in the manager seat for an UCL knockout away game at Chelsea/Bayern/Real/PSG. I think most people would make the same choice, based on what is known about these managers.

What do you think about these two names: Felipe Scolari and Rafael Benitez ? Do you think they are a good fit to launch a new era for FC-Barcelona? If not, let us know the comment section bellow. Also, share your not-so-popular preferred managers for the job. Or comment on why you think the candidates Enrique/Valverde/Laudrup are the best candidates. Else, just comment.

<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>

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