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Barca Bla Bla: Javier Pastore

Lionel Messi should quit Barcelona and join Palermo - Javier Pastore

When I first read this quote I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or to cry. But after having a discussion with my fellow Senior Editor Manuel, I came to the conclusion that it would be better for Messi to leave Catalunya for the greener pastures of Palermo.

He convinced me that Palermo are a much more ambitious side and that La Pulga would not automatically be a first choice player. It’s fairly easy to overlook that despite the trophies, the individual accolades and global recognition; Lionel Messi is essentially a big fish in a small pond. At the very mature age of 23 his 47-goal haul of the 2009/2010 season hasn’t exactly set the world on fire.

It would be alogical for Messi to snub the chance of joining Palermo, since the ambition of every footballer is to win titles. As logic dictates it, a player only moves to further his career (or his pockets). After all, Rafael Van der Vaart wasn’t exactly kicked out of Real Madrid when he joined European giants Tottenham Hotspur.

As the (UK) press, and Harry Redknapp in particular, can attest, Tottenham are not short of world-class players. Gareth Bale for instance is the world’s premier left-winger; he made the young, vibrant and explosive Inter full-back Maicon look like an amateur.

Left-sided players such as Juan Mata or Franck Ribery, who have very little experience in the Champions League or at international level, cannot be compared to him.

In Italy’s Serie A there is at least some sort of competition; it’s Europe’s most unpredictable league after all. In Serie A, every team can be victorious yet for reasons unknown to mankind, Inter Milan always finish first.

Why, oh why would Messi spend his peak years in the remoteness of Catalunya when he can (un)successfully challenge for the Serie A title with Palermo.

While there might be some trashy folks in the city of Barcelona; Lionel Messi can actually see trash in Palermo. It’s a win-win situation. The Blaugrana get rid of an overestimated player and Lionel Messi gets a genuine chance at winning silverware.

Javier Pastore is a genius!

Maybe I am crazy to question the brilliance of Pastore but I will do the absurd and crown Javier Pastore the Barca Bla Bla Stinker of the Week!

Please forgive me shortsightedness but I think I am not capable of seeing the bigger picture. Javier, if you read this I’m sorry for being unable to process your wisdom. My ignorance has led me to believe that FC Barcelona are a world-class team.

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