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Barca Bla Bla Moron of the Week: Mino Raiola


He just can’t stop it; Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s loudmouth agent Mino Raiola just released another ill-advised comment about Josep Guardiola.

The infamous quote or rather rant goes a little like this:

You know what I have to say to Cruyff? He can go to hell. He’s a Mr. Nobody. He’s becoming senile and doesn’t have the courage to continue coaching. He doesn’t know how to coach a modern club."

"Why didn’t Cruyff tell Barca that Zlatan wouldn’t fit in before they bought him?"

"I think that Cruyff and Guardiola should go to a mental hospital and sit quietly while they play cards. They’d be doing a huge favor for Barca. There is a game called Memory that is for kids. It’s a card game where you have to find four cards of the same kind. Guardiola and Cruyff can sit there and play that."

Hmm, just as his incredibly lazy client Zlatan "Valdes did more running than me against Inter" Ibrahimovic, Mino Raiola is not capable of letting go of the past. But, while Ibraflop makes unintentionally funny comparisons, Pep Guardiola and Mahatma Ghandi anyone? His rich but dimwitted agent takes it one step further and goes ballistic.

To be or become rich one doesn’t exactly have to be smart, even Jersey Shores resident genius "The Situation" is on his way to become a millionaire.

I honestly don’t believe Raiola is very bright to begin with. He named his company after a movie character - Maguire Tax & Legal. And looking at his clients, he only has two real stars in his portfolio. One is aforementioned Ibrahimodick and the other one is the very introspective, calm and thoughtful Mario Balotelli.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe Satan Ibrahimosnitch will continue to play football until the end of time but unless he finds the fountain of youth, his career will come to an end eventually.

Now, there’s only a handful of clubs that can afford to pay the big bucks and therefore big salaries to players (thus the commission of the agents) so why would Raiola destroy his relationship with one of Europe’s biggest clubs?

I assume the answer is as obvious as it is disturbing – their bond(age) goes deeper than you average agent/client "relationship".

"No one tells me to shut up except Zlatan" – Mino Raiola

Too much information buddy, I didn’t ask for details. Whatever the two of you do behind closed doors should stay there. But seriously, you don’t even let your wife tell you to zip it? I wonder…

Still Mr. Raiola you are Barca Blaugranes Bla Bla Moron of the Week.

In response to his remarks FC Barcelona released an official statement.

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