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Barca Blaugranes: Encouragement to All Our Avid Readers

When Nick, Sebastian and I started the Barca Blaugranes project, we had one single goal in our minds: making Barca Blaugranes THE Barcelona unofficial site.

Now a month has passed and we seem to be heading in the right direction. Our entries are now featured on Google News and for the second straight day we've had around 2000 page views and 1500 unique visitors, great numbers especially for such a young project.

Our stats also indicate that, even though most visitors have come from search engines, around 200 people are regular "followers" of Barca Blaugranes. It's therefore a surprise that we only have 73 members. Or not, since the joining button is only available for people with SB Nation accounts.

We'd like to encourage all our followers to create an account and become members of our blog. Being a member of Barca Blaugranes only has advantages:

You'll be given total freedom to post in the FanPost section and the most brilliant pieces will be featured in the front page. Everyone who posts in the FanPost section will be given feedback and those who produce quality pieces on a consistent basis will be invited to join Barca Blaugranes as Contributing Writers. If you wish, you can also send a sample piece to instead.

Just today, we've welcomed a new writer to our blog: Arron Duckling. Arron showed interest and he sent us a magnificent piece and we had no hesitations in making him a part of our writing staff.

As for those writers who show promise, but are not quite up to our standards yet, one of us will always volunteer to help make them better writers and eventually join our writing staff (hopefully).

If you're a passionate Barcelona supporter and maybe fancy a career in sportswriting, Barca Blaugranes is the ideal platform for you. Sebastian, Nick and I are always available to help new writers develop their skills, while more talented and experienced writers will be given freedom to post their Barcelona-related material.

We want to be different to every other blog around by helping new writers get started and help them fulfill their potential.

Even if you harbour no ambitions in sportswriting, by becoming a member you can interact with other Barcelona fans and post any interesting Barcelona-related news you find in the FanPost section.

So, please, become a member and don't hesitate to share your opinions and articles with us. With the Classico approaching, this is an excellent opportunity for new writers to share their predictions and analysis in our FanPost section.

What are you waiting for?

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