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Barca Blaugranes on Facebook

To our readers, members or simply Blaugranes…

As we aim to become the best – yeah, I’ve said it – non-official Barca site on the web, we have finally created a Facebook page for Barca Blaugranes. It’s not exactly newsworthy because at some point ya’ll would’ve noticed the slight changes in our appearance. Nevertheless, I felt inclined to write a special service announcement.

We urge you to help us promote Barca Blaugrana beyond the limitations of SB Nation. Since we are the first football blog on the continent outside of the EPL, we are having minor issues bringing our content to the forefront, or the front-page of our parent company SB Nation.

In a way we are trailblazers but while we do feel honored to be the first football blog not devoted to an English-speaking team, we are concerned that we might be overlooked.

No offense to the other SBN-powered blogs, as they all maintain a high standard and provide their readers with top quality articles. But when an English team lurking around the relegation-zone makes the front-page on a regular basis while the arguably best team in the world doesn’t even get as much as a citation – something is wrong.

Therefore help us prove to the higher ups at SB Nation, that FC Barcelona are not only the best team in the world but also has the greatest fans of them all.

Follow us on twitter and become fans of BB on Facebook!


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