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Barca Bla Bla

As Barca Blaugranes is a brand new blog, we will make a lot of changes or additions to find out what is or is not working for us. Because we want to distinguish ourselves from the "competition" (who shall not be named) we will try to create new columns or sections as we expand. One of these new sections will be Barca Bla Bla.

Barca Bla Bla or BBB is a subcategory of the News section with the emphasis on the most outlandish rumors or quotes. If you are looking for rumors that make some kind of sense – this isn’t the place for you. If you want to have a good laugh and see what the (mostly English) press comes up with – this IS the place to be.

BBB will not make any attempt to make the ridiculous more accessible, quite the contrary; we will make it a point of ridiculing the rumor to the utmost. It’s not exactly rumors, news or satire either. It’s Bla Bla – SoundBits or a quote we read or heard about, stuff that is beyond comprehension and cannot be processed.

To measure the "Bla Bla Factor" you, our much valued readership, will be able to vote on it. The range goes from 1 (mildly amusing) to 5 (B.S. stinks, and so does this rumor/quote). And because we value your input very much, we ask you to come up with the descriptions for 2-4. The best suggestions will be incorporated.

Barca Bla Bla Stinker of the Week: 50.000.000£ Garth Bale

First of all, Harry Redknapp is one very delusional manager. Why is that? He is overrating Gareth Bale’s ability, but so is the rest of Europe. Why does Bale appear in the Barca Bla Bla column? Barca are said to be interested in acquiring the left-wingers services.

No one is contesting that he tore Inter Milan’s Maicon apart, or should I say a new one, over two legs no less. But to claim that Bale did it against the arguably best right-back in the business, now that’s quite an exaggeration.

Maicon is a washed-up player, there’s no way he is the world’s best in his position. He isn’t world-class going forward and he damn sure isn’t a world-class defender. His defensive abilities have been overstated since he is an Italy-based player. The logic behind this, Serie A is Europe’s most defensive league thus he must be a quality defender.

Dani Alves on the other hand doesn’t get the credit he deserves. When Barca lose possession and Alves is caught out of position, the critics are quick to point at his (supposed) defensive flaws. FC Barcelona play a different ball game than the majority of Europe, the Blaugrana attack with ALL their outfield players.

In Catalunya Alves is not a mere right-back whose sole purpose is to defend; in Barcelona Alves is an integral part of the attack AND defense. His defensive abilities are overlooked because he spends a great deal of the time in the oppositions half and one only hears about Alves when he makes a mistake.

I therefore dispute Redknapps claims that Bale played the best right-back. I also highly doubt that he (Bale) would’ve manhandled Alves like he did Maicon. Unlike Maicon, Bale cannot outrun Alves, the former Sevilla player is as quick as they come.

Gareth Bale world-class? Seriously, the English press cannot wait to champion a UK-based player as a world-beater. Who’s next, Jack Wilshere?

To be even remotely considered as world-class one has to play at the highest level for years, not weeks or months.

"Form is temporarily, class is permanent"

If Bale consistently plays at this level for four or five years – let’s talk. For all I know he could be the left-wing version of Emanuel Adebayor.

It will be a long while before Bale can be mentioned along the game’s elite Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Xavi, Iniesta or Wesley Sneijder.

What did Redknapp say again? It would take 50.000.000£ to prize Bale away from London. Don’t hold your breath Harry. It’s obvious you want to coach a world-class player once in your lifetime, but neither Gareth Bale nor Luka Modric have reached that level yet.

Bale is not even worth half of what is quoted in the press, let alone good enough to warrant a position in Barca’s starting eleven. Our own left-winger, Pedro Rodriguez, made football history when he scored in six different competitions during one calendar year.

What did Bale achieve so far; he destroyed a washed-up player who is past his prime. The next time I see Pedrito scoring a goal against Real Madrid I proclaim him to be world-class too. But hey, didn’t Pedro score a goal in the Clascio, the world’s greatest (club) football fixture?

Shaun Wright Phillips once transferred from Manchester City to Chelsea FC for about 24.000.000£ (then 36.000.000€), after he had one or two stellar campaigns with the Citizens. Is/was SWP world-class? Hmm, SWP failed to enforce himself in the starting line-up of the Blues and had to go back to Manchester with his tail between his legs.

Where is he now? SWP is not even a regular on the Man City bench!

Gareth Bale is a big fish in a little pond. The pressure in Tottenham, if there is any, is not comparable to the demands of Europe’s elite. No offense, but while playing in the Champions League is an accomplishment for some teams; it’s regularity for the genuine big clubs.

Therefore I shall proclaim Gareth Bale and his 50.000.000£ price-tag the inaugural Barca Bla Bla Stinker of The Week!

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