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The Weekly Recap: Week 48 The Clasico Aftermath Edition

As yours truly has foresaw it…every time Sergio "NOTradamus" Ramos makes one of his ill-fated Clasico predictions, the Blaugrana leave the pitch as the eventual winners from the world’s greatest fixture.

Guess who's coming to diner ;)

In case you have watched it, the J.J. Abrams created TV-Series ALIAS revolves heavily around a fictional 15th century prophet Milo Rambaldi. So if Sergio "I’m a sore loser I have to vent my anger through violence" Ramos is Notradamus then Cristiano Ronaldo must be Lameballdi since he couldn’t back up his predictions once again.

Real Madrid’s resident loudmouths Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo are the perfect embodiment of everything that is wrong with the Merengues: brash, arrogant and second best when it matters the most. Even new addition Mesut Özil should’ve known better than to make the bold prediction of a victory in the European slaughterhouse that is also known as the Camp Nou.

In my youth there was this great song…how does it go again? I got five on it! Well that was the theme of the week – I got five on it. Two of the goals were provided by none other than the much marginalized David Villa whose recent resurgence to form coincided with the ever-increasing from of the Blaugrana. As Nick has correctly pointed out "Villa is a true team player and is a great fit at Barcelona." Already forgotten is the volatile Swede, his immobility and more importantly his ego.

Even after the Spanish FA tried to screw FC Barcelona, the Catalan behemoths took the exhausting train-ride to Osasuna and dissected the Jose Camacho-managed team 3-0. Well, for his part Camacho is talking a lot about how FC Barcelona were disrespecting Osasuna but it was expected. After all, Camacho is an ex-Madrid player/legend. First the Merengues get slaughtered by the Blaugrana and then the ex-player/coach/legend…I can’t help myself but smile when I think of it.

Honey, we're having a feast....

It also makes one wonder when and if the current crop of mercenaries Real Madrid employ will ever feel the connection to the crest like Casillas or Raul. La Masia graduates feel and live the club colors and therefore will never be solely motivated by money.

As of now FC Barcelona are the benchmark as far as football is concerned. You’d have to be one ignorant hater to not give Pep Guardiola and his men some much deserved credit for the way they play the beautiful game.

Maybe the Madrid loudmouths learned a valuable lesson – a string of good results don’t make you a world-class team and certainly not the best in the world. A little dose of humility would work wonders but I’m afraid that’s a verb they do not know in the Spanish capital.

By the way, Xavi is the greatest Spanish player of all-time!

Yours truly,


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