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Xavi Hernandez: Cesc Fabregas Dreams of Returning to Barcelona

This is not exactly breaking news, but according to Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez, Arsenal's captain Cesc Fabregas dreams of returning to his boyhood club as soon as possible:

"I believe in life your dreams are above all, and his biggest dream is to be back at Barcelona. Arsenal have to find a financial agreement with Barcelona, but Cesc's dream – and he said it publicly – is to play and triumph with Barcelona.

"He's triumphing at Arsenal where he is captain, and he's still very young, he still has many years in front of him.

"He would adapt very easily at Barcelona. In fact, he grew up here in camp Barca, he has Barca DNA, and I would like to see him here. But it not only depends on us or him - it also depends on the clubs."

Cesc Fabregas's intentions to return to Barcelona, where he played during his youth years, have been well documented in the past. Arsenal's Vermaelen has confirmed that Cesc has "Barca DNA" and that it was Arsène Wenger who blocked his move to Camp Nou earlier in the summer.

But it seems clear that the move will happen and rather sooner than later. Xavi has just turned 31 and he could use some rest against the minnows. Cesc Fabregas's addition in the summer could give Xavi that opportunity to rest. While he's a legendary player, Xavi's not eternal.

But then again, many Barcelona fans believe that it would be better for the blaugrana to promote Thiago and Jonathan from the youth ranks instead of spending huge amounts of money for Cesc Fabregas. What do you think?

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