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Barca Bla Bla Re-Re-Re-Entry: Gareth Bale the £40.000.000 Solution

Yeah Buddy, that's where the goal is...
Yeah Buddy, that's where the goal is...

Apparently this section has been very popular with our readers but just when we started to bring it back we are once again confronted with an outrageous rumor involving none other than Gareth Bale.

This time reports emerging from...England, where else, suggest that FC Barcelona are preparing a massive £40 Million bid for the Tottenham...Left-back? Midfielder? Left-Winger?

He really must be the all-in-one left flank solution. I assume Bale is a way better left-back than Ashley Cole or Philip Lahm, a superior left sided midfielder than Andres Iniesta and a more lethal left-winger/forward than David Villa.

These UK-based players surely are a different breed. At the end of the day Bale only has to dislodge David Villa, Lionel Messi or Pedro. He is by far superior to any of those players. Tottenham Hotspur really are juggernauts of the European game.

Why buy a world-class left-back when you can acquire the services of Gareth Bale?

£40 Million, I guess FC Barcelona rate him as highly as another London player, Arsenal FC's Cesc Fabregas.

Signs, the world is coming to an end. FC Barcelona are taking a cue from Real Madrid's playbook and entertain the idea of buying a one-trick pony though this one resembles....I leave that to your imagination.

Bale the savior, the chosen one, the legend...the guy who is playing Champions League football for the very first time. I guess that really makes Nicklas Bendtner the second coming of Thierry Henry; he scored a goal against the Blaugrana, now didn't he?

Aww, my logic is flawed, my bad. Nicklas Bendtner isn't from the UK therefore what applies to Bale doesn't apply to him, poor B******.

Abidal, Cole, Lahm, Evra, Mata, Villa, Silva, Kolarov, Robinho, Di Maria...move over; Gareth Bale can do it all. Defend, Assist, Attack, all while filing last year's tax returns!

Gareth Bale is the best thing since sliced bread, yeah right!

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