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FC Barcelona Injury Update: Andrés Iniesta Suffers Upper Back Strain and Will Miss The Copa del Rey Match

Don Andrés
Don Andrés

Barcelona's medical staff has reported that Andrés Iniesta has suffered a grade 1 sprain on the AC joint of his left upper back after a takcled from Hercules player David Cortés on Saturday's La Liga match.

This means that Iniesta will miss this Wednesday's Copa del Rey match at Almeria, but he'll probably be ready to play on the weekend against Atlético, where he'll be much more needed (Barcelona are 5-0 up on aggreagate against Almeria).

Andrés Iniesta is having a phenomenal season and he's an irreplacable member in Pep Guardiola's Dream Team. Having a fit Iniesta is a huge boost to Barcelona's Champions League glory aspirations. Last season, Iniesta's absence in the late part of the season kept Barcelona from winning back-to-back Champions League titles. He's back to full fitness this season and the results are apparent.

He has picked his first (and hopefully last) injury of the season. He must now focus on recovering completely because Barcelona need a fully-fit Iniesta to face the challenges that lie ahead!

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