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International Friendlies/Qualifiers: Open Thread

Let’s be honest, the international breaks do provide some interesting match-ups and freak results, but for us it’s all about FC Barcelona and league football. Just a few days to go now and the football federations have hidden behind the vital European Championship play-offs to organise more matches to fill their pockets and jetlag all the best players. Is there any point to a Brazil-Egypt friendly taking place in Doha?

This is an open thread for all of the international matches taking place tonight and hopefully we won’t all watch the same game and can get updates from around the globe! A list of the fixtures is available after the jump and you merely have to convert them to your timezone.

Spain vs Costa Rica: 22:00 CET
England vs Sweden 21:00 CET
Germany vs Netherlands 20:45 CET
Slovenia vs USA 18:15 CET
Italy vs Uruguay 20:45 CET
France vs Belgium 21:00 CET
Portugal vs Bosnia & Herzegovina 22:00 CET
Colombia vs Argentina 23:00 CET
Chile vs Paraguay (Wednesday) 00:45 CET

Have fun everybody!

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