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The Weekly Review: Week 51: The Christmas Special

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Happy Xmas everyone
Happy Xmas everyone

Feliz Navidad from here in England! Christmas is a great time to relax, providing a welcome break from the tedium of everyday life, but it always ruins the football. Obviously other leagues carry on throughout the winter, most notably the Premier League, but La Liga allows its players a little time off. That means a whole week or two without Barcelona playing...

It’s clear that the Blaugrana are on one heck of a roll, decimating all in their path and a break could be hugely beneficial. Usually the team get a little tired and drop points, but with this break they can keep at peak fitness and hopefully return as good as ever. As always I am judging things in terms of Real Madrid, and the cup draw has been kind/nasty (delete depending on personal opinion) to set up a potential quarter-final Clasico encounter. Bring it on I say, although I may change my tune when kickoff approaches! Until then, and because little has happened, I figured I could rework a famous Christmas song with factoids from the past year.

12 Months of Barcelona (to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas"):

In 2011 Barcelona gave to me...

Twelve goals versus Real

Eleven penalties

Ten Champions League wins

Nine World Cup Winners

Eight Manitas

Seven Clasico red cards

Six Messi hat-tricks

Five trophies!

Four goals for Cuenca

Three Clasico wins

Two Ballon D’Or Nominees

And a goal from Carles Puyol

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