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All this Jose Mourinho - Jorge Valdano feud does is aid F.C. Barcelona

"Oh, real mature Jose! Putting super glue on my hand and telling me to rub my hair! I'll get you one day."
"Oh, real mature Jose! Putting super glue on my hand and telling me to rub my hair! I'll get you one day."

A fortnight ago, Real Madrid saw off Mallorca by a solitary goal. By contrast, Barcelona cruised to a 3-0 victory over Racing.

Normally, I wouldn’t think anymore of it, after all both are expected to win every week, but on this special occasion, Karim Benzema treated us to a rare La Liga goal. The 30 million Euro man is apparently Florentino Perez’s favourite player and his goal is sure to please him.

However, it may not please Mourinho.

His bubbling feud with Valdano is taking no-one by surprise, but has escalated recently, given Mourinho’s insistence that the club sign another striker.

It’s beyond me why the self-proclaimed “Special One” pushed the club buy another striker.

After all, why can’t he use his God-like ability to make Benzema a better player or heal Higuain? In fact, I’m surprised that the “Special One” hasn’t offered to play upfront and shows us all why he had such a distinguished career as a player.

Maybe that’s a little unfair, but Real Madrid do not need a striker when they have one of the best no.9’s in Ronaldo on the wing, or Benzema on the bench.

So when Real drew with bottom side Almeria, Valdano was quick to tell Mourinho that they had a striker (Benzema) on the bench.

Mourinho is unhappy that he doesn’t have enough power, and he cannot rule the club like he is used to, but bringing this feud into the public domain is foolish.

At the moment, Barcelona is the benefactor of this very public bust-up. They are profiting from the poor form Real are showing currently. Mourinho seems too hung up on the situation off-pitch, to prepare the team for the games on it.

One has to wonder whether Mourinho’s insistence on signing another striker will affect the morale of Karim Benzema.

Now that Emmanuel Adebayor has been signed by Real, Benzema is likely to be pushed on to the bench, and given the performance at the weekened versus Osasuna, Real need all the goals they can get!

Mourinho has displayed his very offensive attitude once more by assuming he is bigger than his employer. So when he leaves the Bernabeu in the summer with no trophies, and most importantly, two footballing lessons from the treble-winning Blaugrana, he will no longer be the “Special One” but instead, the “Washed-Up One”.

But until then, I’m sure I speak for everyone at Barca Blaugranes when I want this feud to carry on for a long time yet.

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