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Barca Blaugranes - Love us or Hate us: The Return of the Trolls (Keep hatin‘)

Haters keep on hatin'
Haters keep on hatin'

Just as FC Barcelona has its fair share of detractors, haters and delusional critics, we at Barca Blaugranes have our share of trolls. Over the last couple of weeks our membership as and page views have more than doubled, we’re growing in leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, so has trolling. But then again, we take it as a backhanded compliment. After all, these guys take their time to comment on our articles, thank you!

Every other day some troll comes out of hiding just to assault the author of an article he/she/…or it? doesn’t agree with. The Barca Blaugranes team invites everyone to leave a comment, even a critical one, as long as one refrains from attacking our staff on a personal level. But I assume some people feel rather safe in the anonymity of the internet and love to leave their little stinker comments behind some dubious alias. It’s always easier throwing rocks from a safe distance, isn’t it?

If Nick, Manuel, Arron, Bostjan or I write something you don’t like – feel free to offer your point of view, or better yet, write a fan post. I guess trolling must be very fashionable right now. This is a FC Barcelona blog, now isn’t it? If you take offense to our obvious bias for FC Barcelona, this site goes by the name of Barca Blaugranes. Do we think that FC Barcelona is the best club in the world? The answer is a firm, YES!

Quite honestly, I don’t really pay attention what’s going on in other clubs if it’s not concerning the Blaugrana…FC Barcelona have probably steamrolled them anyway. Ever since FC Barcelona opened a 7-point lead over Real Madrid, trolling is at an all-time high. Guys, I know the 5-0 at the Camp Nou has shell shocked you to the core but you should start accepting the fact that the Blaugrana are the best team in the world.

More than 300 Million Euro later and the world’s most expensive squad ever assembled still can’t get a result against FC Barcelona. Life is unfair…don’t be mad, keep trolling. You think we are poor writers…well, I guess some people disagree since we got ourselves a sweet blog from SB Nation. Who needs blogger, wordpress or tumblr? C’mon guys, we generate traffic…heck you can even find us on Google News.

So please trolls keep on trolling, I know I urged you to stop that but on second thought you just prove that we are doing things right. If and when I do have the time to check out what you have written, I’ll probably comment on it but then again I don’t want to waste my time on you. Just watch us grow, keep on hatin and witness the greatest football side of all-time conquer world football, again.

FC Barcelona is the best club in the world; Barca Blaugranes will be the best Barca site on the net and trolls will always be around.

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