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Match Preview: Barcelona take on Arsenal in the Champions League

Sorry Arsenal. Nothing I can do now.
Sorry Arsenal. Nothing I can do now.

This Wednesday night, I’m sure the match will go one of two ways. First way, is that the world is treated to a free-scoring game and the score ends up about 5-5 or something. Second way is that Barcelona step it up a notch, like El Humiliacio, and treat the world (bar Arsenal fans) to a performance that no other team has/will ever match.

Normally, I expect the latter from my beloved Blaugrana, but such is my insecurity that after the Gijon match, I now expect the former. Sure, if it ends 5-5, the Azulgrana will have the distinct advantage via away goals, but who doesn’t prefer the win?

So far, there has not really been any talk of tactics from the Barcelona camp, but expect the usual big-game tactics. The strongest XI, bar Puyol of course, high-tempo passing, intense pressure of the opposition, and most passes going to Messi!

As I said in my latest article, Busquets will be key, and so will Abidal. They need to deal with the attacking threat that Wegner’s men possess. That being said, Arsenal will do well to attack without the ball.

To get the ball, they say that they will pressure Barcelona all over the pitch. A good tactic in theory, but if Xavi and Iniesta are on form, all it means is that the ball will be moved around quicker, and Arsenal will be cut apart time and time again.

They will want to show that they can cut it with the big boys of European football, but I feel that in the Blaugrana, they have found a team that is akin to playing with fire.

So on Wednesday night, I just hope Arsenal get burnt over and over again.

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