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Lionel Messi, David Villa and Pedro: The best strike force ever?



Messi, Villa and Pedro.

Best strike force in the world, sure, best strike force we're talking!

A fearsome triumvirate that features the current World Player of the Year, arguably the best pure attacker in the world, and Pedro.

Not to say Pedro is worse, but he is the one that is hardest to describe. A winger, in position yes, but goals scored, no. He defies description (in a good way), and many non-Barca fans were surprised by his goal against Mallorca. Why? I don’t know, as Pedro is described as the second most deadly finisher at the club behind Messi by Pep Guardiola.

So if he is the 2nd best finisher at the club, that makes him better than Villa, and rounds off the most potent attack in World Football.

No-one can compete with them. Chelsea have Torres, Drogba and Anelka, but even they look poor in comparison. Madrid have Ronaldo, Di Maria and Higuain but even they cannot compete with the Blaugrana attack who obviously scored 3 of the famous 5 goals in El Humiliacio. In fact the only trio that could compete is the Miami Heat trio of Wade-James-Bosh!

So, they are currently the best, but could they lay a claim to being the best ever?

I think so. After all, they look set to smash the total goals scored by another Barcelona trio of Henry, Eto'o and Messi. They are going to go down in history, so if MVP is better, who can compete?

There is the AC Milan attack of Van Basten and Guillit, but Guillit was never really prolific. There was also the Milan strike force from the 04/05 season of Shevchenko and Crespo. Also from Italy you could argue that the Lazio team of 99/00 with Claudio Lopez, Marcelo Salas and Hernan Crespo could rival the current Barca attack.

Closer to home, Real Madrid have boasted tremendous attacking talent over the years, with the ‘60s side featuring Gento, Puskas and Di Stefano the standout triumvirate, possibly the only trio who can lay a claim to being better than MVP.

Though, I think, taking history into consideration, if the MVP trio continue in this fashion – they have 83 goals – will go down as the best ever.

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