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Arsenal FC’s Cesc Fabregas to FC Barcelona Part…I’ve lost count 2 aka A Catalan Love Affair

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Part 2, of what? Good question. Since I am prohibited to (re)publish my articles from other platforms on Barca Blaugranes I’ve decided to write the second (and final) installment of “Cesc to Barcelona” for this very forum.

The link for the first part can be found here.

It’s the worst kept secret in the football business; Cesc Fabregas wants to join the ranks of FC Barcelona. So far so good, we have learnt nothing new. Personally, I liken his situation to that of Bella from the Twilight franchise, where the *spoiler alert* (still) human Bella is torn between her feelings for Edward and Jake. In the end she decides to be with…surprise, surprise Edward!

Hmm, I guess it wasn’t that hard after all for Bella to take a pick. With the Vampire it’s money, fast cars, an incredible metrosexual family with a keen sense for fashion and…an infinite amount of time. What has Jake to offer? Not much to begin with. Apparently he and his Wolf buddies are short on shirts and trousers.

While I do believe that my analogy is spot on, one can argue that Edward and Jake don’t exactly mirror FC Barcelona and Arsenal FC. I guess there’s some truth to it.

FC Barcelona’s financial woes are well documented, whereas Arsenal FC is one of the more profitable clubs in world football. There goes the Jake metaphor.

But, Arsenal FC is just as hardheaded and stubborn as the Wolfman, Manwolf or is it shape shifter, in their (rightful) quest to hold onto Cesc Fabregas.

Bella, oops my bad, I’ve meant to write Cesc, is also decidedly undecided. He wants to leave but he hasn’t got the slightest idea of how to push for a move. He reasons that he loves Arsenal FC, its supporters and….well, he is grateful to Arsene Wenger. On the other hand he’d like to join his boyhood club FC Barcelona. If you ask me, love and business just don’t mix. And the last time I checked polygamy is still illegal.

Of course the two sides have to agree on a (reasonable) fee. But then again, Cesc could give FC Barcelona some kind of leverage when he hands in a written transfer request, effectively pulling a Fernando Torres. At which point Arsenal FC had no choice but to sell Cesc Fabregas since the Gunners no. 4 would be subject to constant abuse from the Gooners.

Sure, Cesc is Arsenal FC’s best player (according to the statistics) but so was Andrei Arshavin when he was with Zenit St. Petersburg. Arsenal got their man on the cheap, so to speak. Arshavin has been no less influential and important to the Russian side yet no one is complaining about his transfer. What’s the difference between Fabregas and Arshavin? The latter has led his team to multiple titles, including a UEFA Cup trophy.

So how can Arsenal demand the outrageous sum of 50 million Euro for a player that hasn’t won a club trophy bar the Emirates Cup in years? Cristiano Ronaldo was fairly expensive because he was a major reason Manchester United won the EPL and Champions League.

Besides, I just can’t see Arsene Wenger spending 50 million Euro in a single transfer window anyway. If he’d decide to spend all the income from a possible Cesc transfer on new players I could understand. But Arsene Wenger’s knowing legendary penchant for either cheap or completely washed-up players I assume it’s the latter. Robin Van Persie’s record is…not a secret and Marouane Chamakh has never had a better scoring ratio than 1 in 4.

Why oh why would one demand 50 million Euro for a player if one doesn’t intend to use it? That’s like Edward Cullen pulling a Jake, walking around half-naked even though he can afford to buy some decent shirts.

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