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Cesc Fabregas to FC Barcelona? Why Barcelona have no need for summer transfers

Fabregas is not a neccessary signing for the Blaugrana
Fabregas is not a neccessary signing for the Blaugrana

While I know that there has already been a piece on Cesc published on the blog today by Sebastian, I’d like to think this article tackles so much more than the Cesc saga. If you disagree, feel free to keep it to your self! ;)

Because of the international break, the media has once again dug out their favourite rumour, the transfer of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona. Most recently, Xavi has said that Fabregas will return, and Sandro Rosell has stated his admiration for the former La Masia graduate.

The whole situation doesn’t remind me of Twilight, but it does reminds me of the Charlie Sheen situation. There are rumours of the move (ironically, like the rumours of Cryer not being in contact), and Wenger (Charlie) attacks the Barcelona players, because despite being great at some point, has been accused of going a bit mental more recently. Guardiola (Cryer) never talks of the situation directly, but does tiptoe around it.

Also with a hint of irony, I don’t see where Fabregas fits in though which brings me back to the age-old question is: Does FC Barcelona need him?

My opinion on this matter? Fabregas is unnecessary, Barca have all the players they need already.

Think about this for a moment, FC Barcelona win the treble and announce that the signing of Cesc Fabregas is imminent. Why should they?

Even if Barcelona fail to accomplish treble, why should they buy him?

Cesc Fabregas would cost at least €40 million and if vice-president Javier Faus is to be believed, that would be Pep’s entire transfer budget vaporized in one deal. What I propose is that FC Barcelona look a little closer to home, and re-evaluate the key areas.

In central defence, Guardiola can choose from Pique, Puyol, Abidal and Milito. However, Milito has proved to be a liability so should be leaving in the summer, and Abidal may not be the same player when he returns from injury or could be chosen at left back. If you rule both of these options them out, that only leaves the Blaugrana with Puyol and Pique.

People have realised this and are calling out for a new signing to be made. Some fans are calling for Mamadou Sakho; some are calling for Nemanja Vidic!

But is that necessary? At the moment Barca has two players out on loan, Martin Caceres at Sevilla and Henrique at Racing. Both are centre-backs by trade, but Caceres can play at right-back as well. Why can’t they be the solution?

Caceres was very impressive in the match he played versus Barcelona, so clearly he is a great defender, so he could be the solution in this department. And if Guardiola doesn’t like the idea of Caceres as a Barca player, then maybe the B team is the place to go.

Recent graduate Andreu Fontas has a great future at the club, why not use him? The two Marc’s (Muniesa and Bartra) are also great defenders so maybe another defensive promotion is in order.

Then comes the midfield. The midfield that so clearly needs Fabregas to enhance it, in fact, isn’t it the weakest link in the Barcelona team?

Oh, wait! It’s the opposite!

Xavi and Iniesta are the best midfielders in our history, why would Fabregas displace them? Sergio Busquets is a personal favourite of Guardiola’s having climbed the ranks with him as a manager as well as being a quality footballer, as none other than Argentina Captain, Javier Mascherano will attest. All this proves that there is (currently) no starting place for Cesc.

So, if we are looking for a "bench player" what’s wrong with new(ish) recruit Ibrahim Afellay? What’s wrong with Thiago Alcantara? Or even the captain of the B team Victor Vasquez?


They are all great talents, who, like Fabregas, have been schooled at La Masia (Afellay apart of course). But Rosell has this obsession with Fabregas, so the deal is all but sure to overshadow everything else.

Another criticism of this Barcelona team is the lack of an impact player on the bench. This was obvious in the first leg of the Champions League tie with Arsenal this season, and possibly in the Sevilla game also. Although, I feel I have the answer to this problem.

Jeffren Suarez.

Remember him?

Xavi's reaction after Jeffren goal - FC Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 5-0 El Clasico 2010 (via DavidsSoccerXD)

Yeah, he’s the one who scored the historic 5th in the Manita humiliation of Real Madrid. Now, if he can stay injury-free, he is the answer.

Fast? Check.

Good finisher? Check.

Skill to unsettle opposition defenders, drawing them away from the even more talented players? Check.

Jeffren could be a valuable player for the run-in, I just hope Guardiola sees it.

He is also an attacker, so that eases some of the pressure on the MVP trio, and the resurgent Bojan.

Perhaps the Blaugrana fans have forgotten about Keirrison, he is a precocious talent playing for Santos, but unfortunately he is not Neymar. Never mind, Keirrison is a great player too, perhaps not as prolific yet, although his stint at Coritiba does suggest he can be, and Barca surely spent too much money on him to not even give him a chance?

To me, this shows why Barcelona don’t need to dig deep into their pockets this summer, and if the situation (finance-wise) is to be believed, what’s not to like?

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