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Happy 300! Barca Blaugranes the Reboot

It’s here, the 300th story to be featured on Barca Blaugranes. Luckily for us we can announce some News on this occasion to celebrate this (mini) milestone. Over the last couple of days we have made some additions to our team, Sabrina Dessipe and Shehryar Khan.

Sabrina is a proud and very vocal Gooner (read: Arsenal FC supporter) who will feature her unique views in a new weekly column “From the Sidelines”. I guess to the majority of you this comes as a surprise, if not outright shock, but in order to give us more balance, Sabrina’s own preferences gives her a unique outlook on all things Barca. Perhaps, or better yet, hopefully her columns will spark engaging debates.

Although Barca Blaugranes will never be free of bias, the name itself is a testimony to that, we will work as hard as we can to ensure we don’t isolate or alienate other football fans.

The addition of Shehryar Khan, who is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report (World Football & FC Barcelona), will provide us with more depth and another self-confessed Culé.

In the past we’ve made some mistakes and possibly entered a not so favorable direction so we take this occasion to mark the “unofficial” reboot of Barca Blaugranes.

No, there won’t be any changes in the appearance – we’ve just decided to broaden our spectrum for the better. Like I’ve pointed out earlier, it’s just a reboot in our approach.

As always we are open to any suggestions you might have and are more than willing to listen to any idea that comes our way.

Feel free to leave suggestions, (story) ideas or complaints in the comment section or send an email to

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