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El Clasico: Why FC Barcelona will beat Real Madrid

It's OK Jose! The grass doesn't play for your team, so it CAN'T defend.
It's OK Jose! The grass doesn't play for your team, so it CAN'T defend.

Last night's events saw Real Madrid salvage a point at home to Barcelona in the first of four Clasico encounters. The game itself was like a game of chess, each manager trying subtle moves to try and outfox their opponent.

Why on earth did Mourinho defend so deep?

For all of last night's game, there was only one team who looked like winning, FC Barcelona.

From the whistle, Real Madrid defended with 10 men.

To me, this only means one thing. The admission inferiority.

The match reflected this suspicion. FC Barcelona dominated possession, had plenty of chances, and only gave up a few gilt-edged chances.

Of course, Ronaldo threatened from the dead ball situation, but from open play, Real Madrid created next to nothing. I would expect this in a cup game, with a lower league team facing a top tier side, but from Real Madrid? At home?

Imagine you play for Los Blancos.

You arrive for training, expecting to be told how you have a chance in the upcoming game versus Barcelona, only for the manager, the one who is meant to motivate you, to tell you that you're game plan is to essentially defend like a bottom team in the relegation zone, in short, park the bus.

So, your manager is telling you that the opposition is better, and the only way you stand a chance is through luck?

This is quite the development, especially for Real Madrid players who believe have the divine right of dubbing themselves the best club in the world, in any aspect.

Truth is, on another day, Barcelona would've still beat them. David Villa has been guilty of wasting plenty of great chances, and Pedro was virtually anonymous. Don't think that is likely to happen again.

It also seemed obvious to me that the Blaugrana played most of this match in second gear, that more is to come on Wednesday, and in the Champions League. No-one expected it, but Barcelona had enough chances to seal another Manita.

To me, it looks like Mourinho's tactics will be perfectly beatable, and given the match at the Camp Nou, he has no Plan B.


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