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Real Madrid posts video of FC Barcleona's Dani Alves but what about Cristiano Ronaldo vs. AC Milan, where is that video?

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Well, felt inclined to post a video of Pepe's challange on Dani Alves. So we did a little digging of our own and found one of the worst displays of diving, by none other than Cristiano Ronaldo, in a Real Madrid jersey no less. 

Cristiano Ronaldo face clutching dive Vs AC Milan 



So much for the moral high-ground. It happens but it's a poor attempt at masking their own sporting failures. Everybody is inclined to an opinion but please, no hypocrisy. Incidents like that happen, but why Real Madrid need to post a video of Dani Alves is beyond me. They have never done so, but I assume it's an attempt to hide their failures on the pitch. With Mourinho came pragmatism and controversy.

Ronaldo worst dive ever Real Madrid vs. AC Milan Champions league 2010 (via tjohn1986)

Cristiano Ronaldo dive Vs Barcelona (2) (via UnknownGenius01)

Cristiano Ronaldo dive Vs AC Milan (3) (via UnknownGenius01)


How about some perspective here? Why does Real Madrid not post videos of Cristiano Ronaldo's best of either?

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