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Jose Mourinho's actions post-El Clasico have gone too far

Messi scored on Wednesday? Well, thanks to Jose Mourinho, many people have forgotten that fact
Messi scored on Wednesday? Well, thanks to Jose Mourinho, many people have forgotten that fact

While Barcelona's actions on Wednesday have no place in football, Mourinho's reaction has been deplorable at best.

Recent developments in the aftermath of El Clasico have gone too far. News eminating from Spain indicate that Jose Mourinho has asked UEFA to suspend SIX Barcelona players, for what he calls, “pre-meditated anti-sporting behaviour”.

Those players are Sergio Busquets, Dani Alves, Pedro, Victor Valdes, Javier Mascherano and Seydou Keita.

While I cannot defend all these players, and say that they are not guilty of one offence or another, I can refute that Mourinho/Madrid know that this was pre-meditated. How could they possibly know this?

What evidence can they have?

In some cases I doubt that they can even back up their claims of “anti-sporting behaviour” with evidence. For example, where is the evidence against Javier Mascherano? If this evidence involves the persistent “badgering” of the referee, why is Carles Puyol not there as well?

Something does not add up.

In their claim, Real are campaigning for 2-game suspensions for Dani Alves, Sergio Busquets and Pedro. Well, remember the Eduardo incident, a couple of years back?

Eduardo was adjudged to have mislead the referee in winning a penalty in the qualifying match for the Champions League between Arsenal and Celtic. This was a pivotal moment in the tie, and the punishment?

A 2-game ban, that was later rescinded on appeal.

The reason for that? A lack of evidence, plus the testimony of the ref from the match.

So, to summarise that case, Eduardo dived, and was punished for it using video evidence, which was later deemed insufficient grounds on which to base a charge.

How does that work?

Anyway, my point is, that Celtic had video evidence there, much like the video bizarrely released on the Real Madrid website, and it was not deemed enough. I’m sure Mourinho knows this, so why with the claim.

Well, poor ol’ Mourinho feels hurt. In his post-match tirade against the governing body UEFA, and it’s officials, he told of a pro-Barca conspiracy within UEFA, and even cited possible reasons, such as the deal in place with UNICEF.

Wow, this man knows no bounds.

Fine, suggest of a pro-Barca conspiracy at UEFA, what do I care, I know it’s false, but to bring in children’s charity UNICEF?

That crosses the line. What Mourinho is implying with his statement, it that Barcelona only signed the deal with UNICEF to gain “brownie points”. Not out of the goodness of their heart, not to donate money that they feel they have enough of, hell, not even for the good PR!

Correct me if I’m wrong, this borders on slander.

What I would love to see, is for the Barcelona board to deem UEFA’s decision today insufficient, and hit Mourinho with a lawsuit, much like they did with COPE after they inferred that Barcelona’s spirited performances were the product of blood doping.

Of course, they will not, but Mr. Mourinho needs to calm down.

I am a big fan of Mourinho’s media tactics, where he deflects attention, and criticism away from the players onto himself, but in doing so this time, he truly has crossed the line.

Much like this ultra-defensive tactic he uses only against the Blaugrana, he has picked up this trait from former-Barca coach, and Cantenaccio creator, Helenio Herrera, although, I’m sure he would be disgusted with the way “The Special One” has conducted himself recently.

I just pray UEFA are too.

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