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The Weekly Review: Week 18 FC Barcelona have almost clinched a third successive La Liga title

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Quite fitting that FC Barcelona end this thrilling week on a high note, on a Sunday no ness. After their Champions League heroics in midweek, the Blaugrana have booked their ticket to Wembley. It’s the second edition of the 2009 Champions League final, but this time FC Barcelona are the home team.  Personally, I hope that’s the only change aside from the venue. Once again, these two teams will probably face off as the title-holders of their respective leagues.

Manchester United convincingly beat EPL rivals Chelsea FC 2-1, while FC Barcelona defeated city-rivals Espanyol 2-0. It’s been two years, a couple of hundred games in between, but yet another FC Barcelona vs. Manchester United game. I guess it just vindicates the obvious, over the last 10 years FC Barcelona and Manchester United have been the most successful teams in Europe.



But not only have FC Barcelona reached their third final in five years, they can also reclaim the services of left-back, Eric Abidal. The Frenchman’s speedy recovery from a tumor is nothing short of a miracle.

Speaking of squads and members, the Barca Blaugranes staff has increased once more. The latest additions to the team have wasted no time and published two very well-received stories:

Off to Wembley by Jose A.

After so long, finally, redemption by Lorenzo Franceschi Biccierai

Well, I wanted to keep this entry short and simple since there wasn’t so much to process to begin with.

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