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FC Barcelona 1 Point Away from Clenching the Title

Hey just one more point guys. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)
Hey just one more point guys. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)
Getty Images

2-0 Victory over city rivals Espanyol leaves FC Barcelona just one point away from being Champions of Spain. Left to play are Levante, Deportivo and Málaga. All Barca need is a point from all three of those games. Not a terribly difficult task for the 'best team in the world.'

There's still the matter of a Champions League final against Manchester United, the soon to be EPL Champions. I don't expect this Champions League final to be easy for Barcelona to win, although I feel that they are favorites. Manchester United have a funny knack of never giving up and nicking late goals. They have this thing called "mental strength" that I've heard a lot about. Fergie is a great tactician and while Barcelona can pass a billion pretty triangles around the United players, United have players like Nani, Rooney and Chicharito who are deadly on the break.

Real Madrid are 8 points behind with three games left to play in the league now. They got the Copa but there are questions about whether or not Madrid will be happy to keep Jose Mourinho for another season. Mourihno did get Madrid their first trophy in a while but has brought some reproach on Madrid that Madristas don't appreciate much in spite of the Copa success. We'll see I guess. As much as I dislike Jose I'd like him to stay in Spain that way, he can continue not winning a lot of things, AND he stays out of England.

Win-win for me.

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