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Weekly Review: Week 23 | Cesc Rossi Sanchez And Current FC Barcelona Players

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Weekly review time! This week the transfer rumor mill has been spinning so quickly I can barely (if at all) keep it all straight. So let’s get that part of the recap out of the way first. We’ve had three main links talked about in the news this week namely, Cesc, Rossi, and Sanchez.

Starting with the guy all the Barca players go crazy for, Cesc Fabregas!

It has been reported that Cesc's agent is acting as intermediary between Barcelona and Arsenal FC.

According to Sport Cesc’s agent has informed Barcelona that Arsenal ask 40M for the player. Of course, though, Barca do not want to pay 40M + for Cesc.

Reports have also said that Barcelona will offer 30M for Cesc, which isn’t likely to convince Wenger to sell. Many more people were saying that Barca would throw in a B team player to sweeten the deal. The most commonly linked player was Thiago.

The transfer will definitely go through if both parties, that is Barca and Arsenal, can agree on a price. That’s a pretty big if.

Giuseppe Rossi

Although there is still plenty of talk in the media and amongst Barca fans about this transfer, the words of Villarreal striker Giuseppe Rossi’s agent seem to cast doubt over whether Barca are genuinely interested in signing him. Pastorello, Rossi’s agent, said "We last heard from Barça 2-3 weeks ago when they said Rossi was on a list of 2-3 players to strengthen the squad"

There are also rumblings that Barcelona is only interested in one player between Rossi and Alexis Sanchez and that other player is used to lower the transfer fee. This could be very likely, especially considering that Rossi has not been contacted by Barca since the interest was first announced.

Alexis Sanchez

It seems the focus has been thrown to Chilean and Udinese striker Alexis Sanchez. It could be that Sanchez is the real target while Rossi is the decoy.

I haven’t heard much about this transfer other than that Udinese are looking to get about 30M for him. It’s rumored that Barca were/are prepared to offer up 22M plus either Bojan or Thiago.

Youngsters/B teamers

Barcelona seemed willing to barter with youngsters seeing as the transfer money pool isn’t very deep. It’s seems however that prime bargaining chips Thiago Alcantara and Bojan are not willing to make a move. They’d much rather stay at Barcelona and fight for their place in the first team.

Thiago was quoted as saying, "I have a contract for 2 more years. I'm honoured clubs ask for me, but I want to stay and the club has said they count on me"

Bojan: "Of course I prefer to stay at Barça. I feel good here and want to continue for many more years. I'm not surrendering. "I didn't talk with Guardiola but the club wants me to stay. I'm not considering to leave on loan or to be included in a deal"

Because Barcelona are not planning to make any defensive transfers this summer it is expected that Andreu Fontas will be promoted to the senior squad next season.

Five B teamers will be released as their contracts expire at the end of this month. The players are; Abraham, Edu Oriol, Benja, Nolito and Victor Vázquez.

In news regarding first teamers and what they have to say, Xavi says "We are the BEST!" Iniesta and Pique talk about how great Cesc is and how much they love him. Pique shows a little love for Rossi as well. Abidal refuses to take a break; he really wants to get back to full fitness. And the humble Pep gives all the credit to his players.

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