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Barcelona B: Best Individual Goal

After some deep soul searching for the past week, I realized that I couldn't find it in my heart to award anyone in Barcelona B as best new signing, mostly because almost all players from Barca B came from La Masia and the guys who made an impact were guys who were signed two years ago, not this past season. If there were any new signings, they made such minimal impact (Abraham, Tello) that I felt best to leave the award vacant.

Moving on...

Now there is definitely a best individual goal award for Barca B. Unfortunately though, there is no Lionel Messi in Barcelona B, so no one will come close to the quality of Messi's goal against Real Madrid. Nevertheless, here is my choice for best goal of the season in Barcelona B.

Again, there are no votes here, because this is not a democracy. Now you can choose to point out the mistakes in defending here, but remember that this is the Segunda Division. There is a reason teams are in the second division in the first place. And keeping up with the theme of revived careers (Jonathan Soriano), here is another guy who has rescued his career thanks to Barcelona B, Nolito.

First of all, sorry about the quality. Secondly, the first two goals Nolito scored were poacher's goals (that's not the best individual goal) but the third one is pretty darn good (that's the best individual goal). Laugh if you must at the defender who decided to leave the ball for the keeper, cringe as I did when the Barca B player and the said keeper collided, but applaud the shot from near the half way line that beat the stranded keeper. Lesser players have lost their composure in such situations, not Nolito. What a way to complete a hat-trick.

Another favorite goal, though it did not win, was Andreu Fontas goal vs Celta Vigo. Now for a typical striker, this would be a neat goal, but for a centre half, this is darn near exceptional. This finish is much better than most Segunda (and some La Liga) strikers would manage.

Now, like I've said before, if you have any disagreements, post them in the comments. I do not claim to be an expert in Barcelona B, I've only seen a handful of games. I will still have the right to ignore your criticisms, though. (kidding)

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