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FC Barcelona: Barca Blaugranes Awards: Best Team Goal

They are your joint winners
They are your joint winners

Last time out we recapped the best individual goal from the past season, and it was Lionel Messi, who won the vote from the Blaugranes writers. Next up is the best team goal, and we unfortunately had a tie.

The goals in question were all good, and with no clear winner, I have no choice but to show you them all!

Such a shame... :)

First up, we have the goal that was voted for by Gabriel Roberts. His favourite team goal was in the Champions League, but unlike the ones later on, was against Shakhtar Donetsk.

The goal was scored by Dani Alves, after a simply sublime pass by Andres Iniesta. I don’t deem myself worthy of describing it, so here's the video:

Goal Dani Alves (brilliant assist Iniesta Barcelona vs Shakhtar Donetsk 2-0) (via KIEVXdotINFOfootball)

Paul Udani voted for the fifth goal against Panathinaikos in the group stage. The goal itself can be seen from 2:13 onwards, and was again scored by Dani Alves. A wonderful goal, after a quick interchange between Alves and Messi. Here’s the video:

FC Barcelona vs Panathinaikos 5-1 All Goals (via UltrasGate21)

The next goal with 1 vote was another by Messi, and was voted for by Bostjan. It was the goal he scored against Real Sociedad on December 12, and it was the goal that gave the Blaugrana a three-goal adavantage. It was after some typical Barca play, with Messi interchanging one-twos with Xavi and Alves before sliding the ball past the Sociedad keeper. Here’s the video:

| Barcelona vs. Real Sociedad | Messi 3rd Goal | (via 66random66)

Now for one of the goals that tied for this award. And the joint winner is...

Once again, Lionel Messi, and his first against Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final. Being honest, it was more like two pieces of individual magic, that combined to create one amazing goal, in the most volatile of situations. Add into that the fact that Afellay was one of the two players involved, despite only being signed four months previous, it gets even better. Here’s the video:

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona 2-0 El gol de Messi semifinal UEFA CHAMPIONS 2011/27 Abril (HD) (via chicolindo12345678)

The other joint winner is... Xavi’s goal versus Arsenal in the Champions League. This goal is a work of art, right from the pass that Valdes played to Alves, down to the finish itself. Here’s the video:

Barcelona vs Arsenal (2 - 1) Gol de Xavi - Liga de Campeones.flv (via barcaaaagoal)

Make sure to vote for your favourite, if only to end our tie!

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