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Barcelona fans rejoice: Luis Figo drops to new low

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Clawing your face off won't help Luis...
Clawing your face off won't help Luis...

Mention Luis Figo’s name to any Barca fan, and they will get angry. At least, that would have been the case, up to this day. Today, you will see a video that will turn that bile and hatred you feel for Luis into pity.

When Figo moved from Barca to Madrid, cules everywhere went crazy. They burnt their Figo shirts, booed his name and threw pig heads at him. Some would argue that constitutes the lowest point in his career.

Not anymore.

This video will change your perception of Figo, and is undoubtedly the lowest point in his career to date. One word:




Figo JUST FOR MEN (via costatubee85)



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