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FC Barcelona wants Fabregas but any attempt will be a waste of time or money.

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We'll if your not yet aware of the news, Barcelona have reportedly made a 27 million pound offer for Cesc ,which of course, Arsenal have rejected. It seems Barcelona are determined to bring home Fabregas but if they desire to carry out such a feat an improved offer must be placed on the table to entice Arsenal to sell.

Sandro Rosell, Barcelona's president, was recently quoted as saying that Barcelona would not pay more than €40 million for Cesc while Arsenal clearly value their captain at more than Barcelona's imposed limit. Cesc is in no position to put pressure on Arsenal to seriously consider offers since his contract with the Gunner's is long term. Therefore there is no point in Barcelona attempting to pressure an Arsenal that has the upper hand.

So is Barcelona basically beating around the bush with such a low bid? Yes and no. Yes because they are not prepared to meet what Arsenal demand for their captain and no because they are just testing Arsenals resolve to see how willing they are to fight, to keep Fabregas. By the rejection of such a bid, Arsenal has clearly shown they are not interested in Barcelona's offer unless it is higher. Arsenal is serious when they say Fabregas is not for sale unless they quote the price and it's met. Meaning Barcelona must pay what Arsenal ask or go home empty handed another summer.

As this saga unfolds the conclusion I make is clear- Arsenal will emerge the winner in any situation. They'll emerge winners if they can fight off Barcelona and keep their captain and they'll win if they can get Barcelona to give in to their demands. Therefore it's a waste of time if Fabregas doesn't come and a waste of money if Barcelona has to break the bank or the bank and cantera, to sign Cesc. I'm basically sick of this news and hope that if Barcelona is serious about this transfer, that Arsenals demands are met, because Barcelona won't get Fabregas any other way. Barcelona must also be prepared to live with the consequence if Cesc arrives since surely Thiago or other canteranos will consider moving on. If Barcelona is not prepared to make an all out attempt for a player they want or are unwilling to deal with the repercussions then they must back off and return when the club is in a better position to afford and accommodate such a player.

With such a low bid the general message Barcelona conveys is that they are not serious since they are not willing to let Arsenal dictate terms to them. But yet this club is in no position to impose any pressure on Arsenal to acquiesce to what they would like to pay. If transfer windows are known for one thing it's big clubs splashing big cash for big name players and if Barcelona isn't prepared to go all out with a budget to get their man then they should stop wasting everyone's time and refocusing on strengthening the team in areas where they need depth and start looking at players who are in a price range they can afford.

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