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FC Barcelona: If Thiago is not retained, management is incompetent.

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With all the rumors surrounding Cesc Fabregas and his supposed transfer to Barcelona, one is appalled by this pursuit when one takes a look at some of the jewels in Barcelona's reserves. One begins to question the needs for such an expensive transfers and when a logical explanation isn't found, one comes to the conclusion that this is a political signing. But who would demand such a signing within the institution that is Barcelona? and why would they neglect one of their own youngsters for Cesc?. It is nothing but ridiculous! And this demand, this defiant insurrection by whoever wants Cesc must be put down for the good of the team, specifically for Thiago and his future in this club, and if our motto is to remain Mes Que Un Club.

Did you watched the U-21 championship going on in Denmark? Well, Spain won it of course and Thiago was vital in that win. Directly by his foot, the title was sealed, with a 30+ yard shot that gave Spain the Championship. But throughout the tournament if there was a player whose guile and astute thinking defied his age it was Thiago. When Spain's direct approach would not produce results Thiago was the man in the midfield who would direct the Spanish attack toward a more favorable approach. The passing range he possesses is complete; long, short, overhead, it's all there for a player his age. The astuteness possessed by him is also remarkable, he's daring, but not to show off his talent, rather his inventiveness and his way of trying new approaches to solve a problem is what make him a special player.

Thiago as a player is complete technically however, what the player needs is simply stage to show his talent to the world. Barcelona is famous for producing talented individuals out of their academy and therefore the general idea is that Thiago is in the best place to succeed as a professional footballer. Yet clouds of uncertainty remain over the future of such a player in Barcelona as the team chases a player that is already first team proven, in Cesc Fabregas. Yet even though Cesc has hundreds of games in a top team I see no real superiority that Cesc possesses that Thiago cannot match and even exceed. If Barcelona do acquire Cesc , Thiago will most likely leave to succeed at another institution without even being given a chance to prove his merit.

If Thiago is not given his chance it will be a total contradiction to the philosophy of this team. The Barcelona that gives a chance to those who are it's own will be no more, and the Barcelona that only wants players of Catalan heritage will be born. Why mention that Cesc is Catalan? Because it seems to be the driving force behind why he is wanted by Barcelona. There is nothing Cesc has technically that the team doesn't already possess, he is not needed, and if acquired would simply sit on the bench most of the season. Thiago would most likely do the same but at least there isn't €40 million or more less in the bank accounts. Thiago can fill the same role that Cesc would if he was on this team and at no cost at all. He has demonstrated how good he is and can be, in this U-21 tournament and I hope Guardiola, Zubi, all the staff and the first team players, were watching and looking at what this club stands to loose simply to bring along their buddy Cesc.

Naturally if a team can afford such a glamorous transfer then it is well endowed and the buy is a luxury, but for Barca this transfer would be a financial hardship. Why would any institution take on a hardship for a player they don't need? Because he is wanted by pure political reasons and not footballing one's. The driving force behind the Cesc transfer is that he is Catalan first, that he came through La Masia, is a great player...etc...are secondary reasons. Thiago has these secondary merits but if left to leave, it will confirm that this isn't more than a club, this is a simply a club of Catalan's since even those who come through the academy are shunned if not born of the right stock. That is the message the departure of Thiago and arrival of Cesc, will convey to all foreign youngsters in the academy.

It is unfair then that a talented player like Thiago is being overlooked or brushed aside for the pursuit of a political signing. Is this Club really more than that? If it is then forget about Cesc simply because he's a Catalan and give a chance to a Italian born Brazilian named Thiago Alcantara because he's the future star of Barcelona and to not give him his due chance to be the best, as Iker Muniain said, would be a contradiction to this clubs motto. Cesc might be Catalan, he might be friends with everyone on the squad, but he isn't needed, and a ready and hungry Thiago awaits to be the next star of this club when given his chance. The idea that Rosell will not waste big money on this transfer is good, because it means that at least the president recognizes that this institution is more than a company of friends and that ensures that Thiago has a shot to prove just how good a player he is. If Thiago proves to be the gem he already looks to be, then maybe with time this club can forget about the obsession that is Fabregas.

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