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What I would do with Thiago If Barça get Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas For €35 million

What to do with Thiago if you get Cesc on the cheap?
Keep him or sell him?
What to do with Thiago if you get Cesc on the cheap? Keep him or sell him?

Rumors coming out of Spain and England this week might be a signal Cesc will be a Blaugrana shortly.

Barça (led by Pep Guardiola) wants Fábregas, but not if he costs more than 40 million.

Fábregas is desperate to leave Emirates Stadium and to be reunited with all his childhood pals in Barça's first team.

And incredibly, Arsenal appears to be ready to sell, and accept a fee under the budget Rosell has set.

If all of these things are true, Cesc's signing should be complete in the following hours in what would definitely be a steal for a player who is easily worth 60 million on any given day.

If Fábregas arrives for that price, Barça's recently tied-to-a-long-term contract (€90 million release clause) gem from La Masía: Thiago Alcántara, will have an uncertain future at best.

I think I just may have the right plan for him...

This of course, is conditional on signing Fábregas for that amount, but here's what I would do.

First and foremost, give Fábregas Pep's old #4 the moment he signs.

As for Thiago, I would take full advantage of his impressive display at Euro U21 with Spain and put him up for sale... at a price of €50 millon Euro. If no one is willing to meet his price-tag, FC Barcelona should keep him. In case a prospective buyer is entertaining the idea of purchasing his registration, Barca should send hinm packing.

Now, don't go crazy on me. Let me explain my logic.

A few weeks ago, Barça were considering paying 40 million PLUS Thiago to get Cesc. And now we would be getting 10-15 million AND Cesc for Thiago in a three way exchange.

To put that in another perspective, we sell the "potential" talent with interest because of his unknown potential and get the "battle-tested" talent and the better player at a bargain bin price. Plus some money to spend on someone else.

Wouldn't that be the best karmic compensation to the Samuel Eto'o plus gazillions for Zlatan Ibrahimovic trade?

Plus, even with Thiago sold, Sergi Roberto (someone who is expected to be even better than Thiago) coming up the ranks in the coming years, and would still have Seydou Keita and Javier Mascherano in midfield.

And those extra millions would certainly come in handy to buy either, Guiseppe Rossi or Alexis Sánchez, wouldn't they?

Think about it.

Even if you love Thiago (and I assure you, I do), it's the right thing to do.

At least for Barça it is.

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