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FC Barcelona Transfer Rumors Open Thread

Who to buy this season?
Who to buy this season?

I'll admit it, I hate the transfer window. As a La Masia loyalist, I absolutely abhor it. It blocks the path of the young players who've paid their dues in the academy. Not that the superstars being brought in didn't, but they don't know the system like these young players do. They've lived in this environment for all their lives, they know how to play, they know how to adapt, they know how to succeed.

Nonetheless, the transfer window is here. As usual, there is the Cesc rumor that will never go away, but new names as well, like Giuseppe Rossi and Alexis Sanchez. Ah, silly season, let's have fun with it. Gossip is fun, admit it.

So here you go. Post any rumors that involve Barcelona players or involve players moving to Barca, no matter how outlandish it may seem. That's why they're called rumors. Just don't make up stuff, don't lower yourselves to the tabloids level. LOL

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