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FC Barcelona: Why hasn't Alexis Sanchez been signed yet?

Sanchez trying his best impression of Sergio Busquets...
Sanchez trying his best impression of Sergio Busquets...

I’m sure there’s someone sitting at home, wondering why Alexis Sanchez hasn’t signed for Barcelona. For weeks, we have been reading reports of "how soon" Alexis will be paraded around in a Blaugrana shirt, and more recently, they have changed to "yet another club is interested in his services".

The transfer season is hard to follow at the best of times, but when Barcelona enter the equation, you know that it’s time to stock up on aspirin.

Fabregas has probably caused a few people to fall ill with migranes, and now Alexis is giving us Cules a headache. The "will he won’t he" is growing old, and as I read yet another report about the reasons for the delay, I can’t escape the feeling of tedium.

I can’t claim any of this will be from inside sources, but here’s my two cents.

Alexis Sanchez is currently on international duty with Chile in the Copa America, and he even scored in Chile’s previous match against Uruguay. It was a good finish, after a great move by Chile.

Uruguay vs Chile (1-1) Alexis Sanchez - Copa America 08.07.2011 (via TennisFootbalHQ)

Anyway, this is one of the reasons why he hasn’t signed. People speculate that the Copa America means he cannot sign the contract or have the medical. That may be true, but I think the real reason is different.

Barcelona clearly want to see what this kid can do.

They are tiptoeing around the fee, and negotiations in general, until they have the full picture. Of course I could be wrong, but I think this move is an impulsive one, rather than a premeditated transfer, based on many scout reports, and whatever else is normally required in a purchase.

How could Guardiola have seen enough footage of this man, when he was 110% focused on finishing the season for Barcelona? Maybe, just maybe, Guardiola has told Rosell et al to wait it out, until he has seen what he wants to see?

Another theory is that Barcelona were reacting when they planned this move. The press were telling us of Real Madrid’s interest, and that from the Premier League, where Sanchez is believed to have plenty of admirers. Barca may have been slightly interested, but the "interest" from other clubs coaxed the Blaugrana into making a bid.

I say "interest" as there seems to be a lot of it. Apparently, both Manchester clubs, Madrid, Chelsea and probably my hometown team Colchester United were looking to make a move for the stocky forward from Tocopilla. Perhaps the "interest" was hyperbole, all designed to speed up a potential transfer to the Catalan capital?

It wouldn’t be the first time an agent has leaked a story just so their client gets what they want. As I eluded to earlier, more and more "interested clubs" have emerged from the woodworks. The recent story of Napoli making a bid may well be true, but in my opinion, it is yet another ploy to speed up the transfer to Barcelona, making them pay more money or whatever Pozzo wants.

My last theory is perhaps the most simple, yet one that many will have not considered, so I put forward that Barcelona are no longer interested in the "New Ronaldo". Is there another target?

God knows, but this particular guy wouldn’t mind seeing Hulk turn up instead...

‘Cos I know one thing, which is that HULK WOULD SMASH MADRID!

Or else I would sue him for false advertising ;)

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