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Alexis Sanchez to FC Barcelona: Done Deal?

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Every other day we are hearing about the "latest" developments in the Alexis Sanchez transfer to FC Barcelona. And every time it’s the same thing "He will arrive soon". That’s what they said about Guns N’Roses Chinese Democracy album too. It took forever. If the latest "latest" reports are to believed (which I will of course not) the Alexis Sanchez transfer is imminent. A deal should be finalized no later than the end of this week. But wait, didn’t I read that before? Besides, isn’t Alexis Sanchez still in Argentina?

Alexis Sanchez is about as close to joining FC Barcelona as I am to going out on a date with Keri Hilson. Keri if you’re reading this, I’m a big fan of your music….videos.

In any case, I’m not overly enthusiastic about a potential Alexis Sanchez transfer. The quoted €27 million + €11 million in variables don’t appear to be a good deal, at least not for FC Barcelona. But when Stewart Downing is valued a cool €20 million by Aston Villa, something is really wrong. No wonder the transfer market is hugely inflated. It’s not that I dislike the player per se. But does FC Barcelona need to buy every forward under 1,70m?

If I didn’t know any better I’d say FC Barcelona is making a serious push for providing the cast of Peter Jackson’s follow-up to the Lord of the Rings, tentatively titled, The Hobbit. I think Udinese’s owner Giampaolo Pozzo is a genius. Despite the fact that he is aware that no one else is in active negotiations for Sanchez signature, he is itching closer to the €40 million evaluation by the minute. You have to salute the man. Even though his Udinese side could potentially face elimination in the qualification for the upcoming Champions League season, he will not lower the asking price for Sanchez. After all, FC Barcelona has been known to sanction the irresponsible transfer or two. Something as unimportant as a cup-tied status has never deterred FC Barcelona’s hierarchy from making an expensive purchase, and Pozzo knows that.

Until Alexis Sanchez is presented as an FC Barcelona player in front of the Camp Nou audience, I will not believe it.


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