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FC Barcelona News: 19 July 2011: Guardiola Press Conference Special

Getty Images for UEFA

Instead of the normal links, and excerpts from those links, I thought we could do something different today, as it was the first Press Conference of the season for Guardiola and Zubizarreta.

Topics covered include Cesc Fabregas, Alexis Sanchez, Bojan, Puyol and Jeffren.

All quotes come courtesy of @barcastuff

On Bojan:

Guardiola: "Bojan wants to play more, I understand he needs more minutes and now there's the offer of Roma."

Zubizareta (sports director): "The transfer of Bojan to Roma is close, we're in the last stage of talks. It'll be announced soon"


On Cesc:

Guardiola: "We're trying to sign Cesc, I hope in the end it will be possible."

Guardiola: "Cesc is an Arsenal player so he has to do what they say, every coach would like it that way. So I'm sure his injury is real."

Guardiola: "Everything we have done has been with permission of Arsenal and mister Wenger knows that. Cesc owes them."

Guardiola: "Cesc will make us better, we're interested, but if it's not to be then maybe next year and we use the money for something else."


Zubizarreta: "We have maximum respect for Arsenal and starting from that base, we are trying to bring our positions closer."



On Sanchez:

Zubizarreta: "The talks on Alexis Sanchez are getting to the end, and I hope it will be a happy end. But our attempt can still hit the post"

Guardiola: "Sanchez can play on all three positions up front, he works hard, good one-on-one, good guy. He's closest to what we look for."

Guardiola: "Udinese, like all clubs, can defend their interests. You can't expect to arrive and sign who you want just like that."

Guardiola: "If we can't sign Alexis Sanchez, we'll go for a less expensive player or see what we have in the B-team."


On Transfers:


Guardiola: "There's always room for improvement, there are always things you can do better, and that's what we'll try to do."

Guardiola: "We have a good team, but if you look at the calendar, we need a bigger squad. We have time until 31 August."

Guardiola: "I propose players to the club and then they decide, based on the financial possibilities of the club."

Guardiola: "Between a midfielder and a forward, our priority is a forward."



On Puyol:


Guardiola: "Puyol is doing great, recovering almost without any problem. He's very motivated, we can count on him this season."



On Thiago:


Guardiola: "Thiago has great skills, a lot of personnality, there's a lot of competition but we'll try for him to have minutes."

Guardiola: "It was always clear to us we wanted to keep Thiago. At his age now, Xavi and Iniesta weren't playing at his level."


On Potential Departures:

Zubizarreta: "Pep and I talked with Jeffren. We're looking for the best solution. But the market is not as active as the media say."

Zubizarreta: "Milito has a contract and he'll be here on 8 August [until when Copa America players can take holidays]."

Zubizarreta: "We made Abidal a renewal offer before his condition and now we're taking up the talks again trying to reach a deal." 


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