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Barca Blaugranes & The Busby Babes Feature

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It’s your trusted Editor-In-Chief, moi. The weekend after next, lovers of the beautiful game (this came out so wrong) are going to be treated to another mouthwatering spectacle (I actually made that even worse). FC Barcelona will once again face off against Manchester United, in the USA. The occasion? No, it's not an official replay of the 2011 UEFA Champions League but a friendly. Nevertheless it’s a friendly between arguably Europe’s most consistent and successful clubs of the last couple of years.

To mark the occasion I, I mean we (Barca Blaugranes, I’m kind of self-obsessed) will try something new (not really but we are just starting to feature it), a podcast. And our very first guest should be (if he’s available) The Busby Babe’s Gene Um. Fortunately for me I haven’t managed to annoy him, yet. Since I’m new to podcasting why don’t you (our readership) suggest some questions I ask Gene. Though I used to tune in to Larry King live I’m not really fond of throwing around softball questions. But I’m not really sure if I should emulate Wendy Williams either. Quite frankly I am just as curious as you are how the final product turns out to be. Isn't Two and a Half Men's newest star, Ashton Kutcher the latest equity holder in SB Nation? Ashton give us a shout-out on national TV!

At any rate I urge you to leave some ideas, suggestions or questions. And please be quick, I do intend to call Gene tomorrow.

In the meantime I recommend everyone to check out the Busby Babes. And to be honest I think they set the benchmark for in-depth previews/post-game analysis. So it’s definitely worth checking out, even if you happen to live in the blue half of Manchester.

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